Vicky Pattison on Geordie Shore exit: "I've made the right decision"

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Vicky Pattison is "convinced" she made the right decision to leave MTV's hit reality show, Geordie Shore.

Earlier today Vicky confirmed she had left Geordie Shore behind, along with all the booze and banter to go with it, to focus on her relationship with boyfriend James Morgan.

Vicky confessed she feels too "grown up" to continue and is moving on from her partying lifestyle - and the 'Queen of the One Liner' will no longer be ruling the roost after series nine of the MTV show comes to an end.

Vicky Pattison opens up about her Geordie Shore exit, MTV
28 October


In a new video Vicky again confirms her exit from the show, as she admits there are "more important things in her life now" than getting mortal with her pals on camera for all the nation to see.

"The rumours are correct," Vicky explains. "It was just the right time for me [to leave]."

She continued: "The show has been going for a long time now and I've been fortunate enough to be a part of it from the start, but it has changed.

"It has different characters now, there's different people involved and everything that everyone is happy doing and still enjoys, I just don't."

Not interested in having her drunken antics plastered across our TV screens anymore, Vicky admits she is "in a completely different place now" compared to the rest of her co-stars.

Vicky Pattison and James Morgan enjoy a date night in London - 19 August 2014

© Instagram / vicky_gshore

Now happily loved-up with former ice hockey player James, Vicky claimed the show "didn't work for her anymore" now she is getting older and is in a steady relationship.

She added: "I was, and still am, totally convinced I've made the right decision. It didn't stop [me] being upset, it was so tough."

Like Vicky, her fellow co-stars found it difficult to say goodbye to the reality star.

"They were upset and a couple of them were in complete shock," Vicky said. "It made it hard to see their reactions, especially Holly and Charlotte's.

"I've always seen myself as a mother figure to the girls and, to see them almost at a loss and not believing that I was going to go through with it and go, that was heartbreaking."

Geordie Shore cast, Nandos, Newcastle, Instagram, 11 June

© Instagram / @vicky_gshore

Since Vicky announced she will no longer be on Geordie Shore, her co-stars have taken to Twitter to pay a touching tribute to their pal.

While Charlotte Crosby said she "didn't want to talk about" Vicky's exit, Gary Beadle told Vicky it had been "a pleasure" to share the "crazy journey" that is Geordie Shore with her.

Holly Hagan tweeted: "@VickyGShore wish this wasn't true! We've come such a long way can't believe this is actually happening! Love you so much x"

Tonight, series nine of Geordie Shore gets underway and making sure to go out in style, Vicky becomes the housemates' new boss...

We can't imagine that's going to go down too well!

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Watch Vicky say goodbye to her time on Geordie Shore here: