Elliott Wright: "I don't know where I stand with Chloe, it's tough"

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TOWIE star Elliott Wright has admitted he is struggling to cope with his split from ex-girlfriend Chloe Sims after she keeps giving him mixed signals.

Since the cast's trip to Ibiza, the couple's relationship had been on the rocks and, last week, Chloe finally split with Elliott for good after finding out he had let another girl stay in his bed.

But since their break-up, it seems the pair haven't cut ties completely and Elliot has admitted he still "doesn't know where he stands" with his ex.

TOWIE Insider, Elliott Wright admits he is finding break-up with Chloe Sims tough to deal with
26 October


After Elliott originally said he had gained closure from splitting with Chloe, in a new video the 33-year-old has confessed he is now finding himself in an "awkward position" with his former flame.

In the clip, posted to the official TOWIE website, he said: "I love [Chloe], I think the world of her and I want to be there for her, but I'm in a very awkward position.

"She says she wants to be on a break and she wants space, but then she says she wants me to date her even though she's not sure she even wants to be with me. I generally don't know where I stand with her. I'm finding it a very tough situation to be in."

He added: "The only person that knows what Chloe wants is Chloe, she's going through a tough time. I want to be there for her...

"Maybe I haven't been the perfect boyfriend and maybe I haven't been strong for her like she wants, but if I've got any defence, it's hard to be strong for somebody who's giving you mixed signals."

The Only Way Is Essex - Chloe Sims and Elliott Wright meet up for dinner.
Episode airs - Wednesday 22 October 2014.


Elliott's comments come after Chloe told her ex-boyfriend she needed to be with someone who is strong enough to handle her when she is having a bad time.

Claiming that Elliott wasn't able to be that person, Chloe then told him she wanted to end their five-month relationship.

But, since the pair decided to go their separate ways, it seems they haven't been able to walk away from each other that easily.

TOWIE's Elliott Wright admits he's still been sleeping with Chloe Sims after their break-up - 27 Oct 2014


In last night's episode of TOWIE, Elliott revealed he and Chloe had slept together since their split.

Speaking to his co-star Gemma Collins, Elliott said: "She says she doesn't want to be with me, then she's still being with me intimately. It's f***ed up, I've got to be honest with you."

Meanwhile, Chloe has hinted she and Elliott may be able to rekindle their romance.

The mum-of-one admitted she was feeling better about her situation with Elliott, now that he has taken responsibility for the part he had to play in their break-up.

Suggestion a reunion could be on the cards, Chloe said the pair can now move on from their issues now that they have been addressed.

Blimey, who knows what will happen next!

TOWIE continues this Wednesday 29 October at 10pm on ITVBe.

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