Exclusive: The Valleys' Lateysha Grace: "Bum implants could have killed me"

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The Valleys' Lateysha Grace has had fillers injected into her bum to make it bigger - but the procedure could have killed her.

Wales-born Lateysha, 21, paid £1,500 for the potentially fatal implant injections, performed by a rogue surgeon in a Miami hotel room.

Lateysha Grace, Reveal shoot, London, 2014

The doctor - who didn't speak English - also let Lateysha perform her own surgery aftercare - involving household glue and kitchen paper.

Lateysha tells Reveal: "The pain was another level. The needles were huge and she was just stabbing it in.

"I could literally feel the stuff being injected in. It felt like it was ripping or stretching my skin, it was terrifying."

The traumatic procedure took about an hour and then, bizarrely, her wounds were glued together, with toilet roll placed over to 'seal it'.

Discussing her horrifying experience, Lateysha recalls: "You don't have to glue your own wounds with normal injections, do you?"

Lateysha Grace, bum implants
Lateysha Grace, bum implants

Unsurprisingly, after the botched bum job, Lateysha felt very poorly for the next two days.

"'I was really weak and I felt sick," she says.

"Whatever was put in my body – and I admit, I don't really know what was in that injection – just made me feel really sick."

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