MIC's Lucy Watson and Oliver Proudlock finally date after New York kiss

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Made In Chelsea co-stars Oliver Proudlock and Lucy Watson have finally had their first proper date!

Over the summer, Lucy and Proudlock revealed they had kissed while staying in New York and, since returning back to Chelsea, things have been hotting up for the pair.

Last night, viewers saw Lucy and Proudlock venture out on their very first date, but will a second be on the cards?

Lucy Watson and Oliver Proudlock go on a first date, Made In Chelsea
20 October

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Despite planning to keep their dinner a secret, Lucy ended up spilling the beans to her sister Tiffany Watson and Binky Felstead, while Proudlock told his pal Stevie Johnson.

Proudlock told Stevie that "for the time being he didn't want everyone to know" about his and Lucy's date because, if anything were to happen with the pair, he would want to speak to Jamie Laing first - his best friend and Lucy's ex.

Lucy and Proudlock were then seen enjoying dinner and conversation quickly turned to what the future holds.

Lucy Watson goes on date with Oliver Proudlock, Made In Chelsea
20 October

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Proudlock said he found Lucy to be quite guarded with her feelings and questioned whether she would ever let her guard down with him.

Lucy said: "I don't like telling people my feelings because then just imagine if they get thrown back in my face... I like you, but I don't want to get down the line where there's the potential I could get hurt."

Reassuring Lucy that he likes her, Proudlock then got Lucy to agree to a second date. However, the Chelsea girl was soon seen telling Binky she regretted saying yes, as there is something she "doesn't trust" about her new flame.

Lucy Watson tells Binky Felstead she is unsure of Proudlock, Made In Chelsea
20 October

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Telling Proudlock she wasn't so sure about a second date, Lucy said it had "felt weird" when he asked her. Hoping to take the pressure off going out with him again, Proudlock managed to twist Lucy's arm by suggesting something a little more chilled than a romantic dinner.

He said: "Let's not call it a date, let's just chill out in the day. I just want to hang out."

But will their second date be over before it even begins?

Lucy Watson finds out Oliver Proudlock has been dating other people, Made In Chelsea
20 October

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In a sneek peak at next week's episode, a loved-up Lucy is seen telling pal Andy Jordan that she has kissed Proudlock again.

Teasing Lucy about how much she has fallen for her new love interest, Andy then tells her that Proudlock has been "hooking up with other people" while dating her...

And, Lucy is not impresssed!

Following last night's show, Lucy cryptically tweeted: "Always trust your instincts."

Uh-oh! Sounds like Proudlock could be in trouble...

Made In Chelsea continues next Monday 27 October at 10pm on E4.

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