TOWIE's James Lock, Danielle Armstrong try out relationship counselling

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TOWIE stars James 'Lockie' Lock and Danielle Armstrong have begun to work on their relationship with their first counselling session.

As TOWIE returned to our screens earlier this month, viewers learnt Danni had tragically suffered a miscarriage.

Claiming her boyfriend James wasn't there to support her through the difficult time, the couple have now turned to relationship counselling to iron out their issues, and in last night's episode, they were seen opening up during their first session.

James Lock and Danielle Armstrong attend relationship counselling, TOWIE
19 October


Danielle told their counsellor that she felt like there were a lot of things that she and James needed to sort out within their relationship.

"I think we do argue a lot and there are a lot of things we don't agree on," she said. "About four weeks ago I had a miscarriage and I just felt like he wasn't there for me.

"I built up a lot of anger and hate for him which we've spoken about since, but there's still a lot more I feel needs to be worked on."

Having his say, James admitted he hadn't been there for Danielle when she needed him, but said he does still love her.

James explained that the couple had reached a point where they didn't know if they could be together, even though they wanted to be.

On hearing what James had to say, the counsellor asked him to tell her what he meant by "love", prompting the Essex boy to finally open up about his feelings.

James Lock and Danielle Armstrong attend relationship counselling, TOWIE
19 October


"I mean someone that you can never live without," he explained. "Someone who you depend upon. It's all those little things..."

Hearing her boyfriend finally open up, an emotional Danielle was moved to tears as she had never heard James speak about her in that way before.

Asked what her boyfriend can do to help her feel reassured about his commitment to her, Danielle said she felt like James was still going out and partying more than he should.

Following their session, James was then seen discussing his counselling experience with Elliott Wright and James 'Arg' Argent. Feeling positive about things, James told the boys he didn't realise how much better he would feel to get his feelings off his chest.

Elliott Wright opens up about Chloe Sims to James Lock and James Arg Argent over golf, TOWIE
19 October


Meanwhile, dealing with his own relationship troubles, Elliott told James and Arg that he hoped he and Chloe Sims could work things out, after she asked to go on a break.

Chloe told Elliott she wanted to bring the romance back into their relationship by being spontaneous and dating again. Letting Chloe have her space, Elliott said he was happy to see how things work out as he isn't interested in anyone else right now.

Will our Essex couples be able to work things out?

TOWIE continues this Wednesday 22 October at 10pm on ITVBe.

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