Elliott Wright on Chloe Sims break: "I'm happy but won't wait forever"

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TOWIE star Elliott Wright has said he is happy to let ex-girlfriend Chloe Sims have some space - but he won't be waiting around for "three months:" for her.

Essex boy Elliott was left heartbroken after Chloe decided she wanted to take a break from their relationship.

The mum-of-one told Elliott she was feeling "trapped" and "suffocated" after spending all her time with her boyfriend. After the couple agreed to go on a break, Elliott has now revealed he is happy to let Chloe take some time out and has insisted he "won't be looking elsewhere".

Elliott Wright speaks out about split with Chloe Sims after TOWIE episode
22 October


Elliott's new take on his relationship with Chloe comes after he initially thought their romance was unworkable. Speaking after their split he said he was feeling frustrated after Chloe kept giving him mixed signals about what she wanted.

In last night's episode of TOWIE, viewers saw Chloe tell co-star Gemma Collins that she didn't want to break up with Elliott she just wanted to take a break to help bring the romance back into their relationship.

Explaining Chloe's feelings, Elliott was then seen telling his sister Leah Wright that Chloe wanted things between them to be spontaneous again and for the pair to date.

Elliott and Leah Wright talk about his split with Chloe Sims, TOWIE
19 October


But, not sure a relationship could work entirely on dating, Elliott said: "There has to be normality as well. You're away with the fairies if you think you're going to be in a serious relationship where a guy is coming round, picking you up, taking you for dinner and then dropping you home.

"Sometimes I might just want to sit on the sofa and have a cup of tea and watch X Factor! But, she's saying to me 'I don't want that'."

But, having had a change of heart, Elliott has now said he is happy with how things are with Chloe.

Elliott Wright talks about Chloe Sims split with sister Leah Wright, TOWIE
19 October


Speaking in a video on the official TOWIE website, Elliott said: "I'm with Chloe. She wants her space, she's got her space. I'm not going to be looking elsewhere right now. If she wants me to take her out on dates, that's fine.

"I'm quite content with the situation I'm in right now… I'm happy with myself, I haven't done anything wrong... You can't cry about spilt milk!"

But, he did insist he won't be left waiting around for Chloe to decide on their future as a couple.

"Would I wait around for three months for Chloe to make a decision on whether she wants to be with me? I don't think so," Elliott said.

Best make up your mind, Chloe!

TOWIE continues on Wednesday 22 October at 10pm on ITVBe.

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