Hollyoaks hottie Danny Mac keeps his title as Inside Soap's Sexiest Male!

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Hollyoaks' heartthrob Danny Mac held onto his title as Sexiest Male as he won the award for the FOURTH year running!

Four years?!

Well, we don't blame the fans for voting and they did just that, naming Danny as their winner at last night's Inside Soap Awards (1 October).

Danny Mac wins Sexiest Male at the Inside Soap Awards, DSTRKT, London
1 October


The soap star plays Mark 'Dodger' Savage on Hollyoaks and has proved to be a certified hit with the ladies. Since joining the show in 2011, Danny has racked up a whopping NINE Sexiest Male titles from various ceremonies thanks to those dashing good looks of his.

That's some feat! But, what does Danny really think about being at the top of all women soap fans' lust list?

"I'm very flattered" he told Reveal after receiving his latest accolade. "If anything I'm just over the moon that the audience want to vote for us, they vote for Dodger and they vote for Hollyoaks. I can't thank them enough!"

And with all those awards under his belt, he must have a secret right?! Not quite, the 26-year-old admitted he had "no secret whatsoever".

He said: "I wish I had one. Dodger might have one and that's probably down to the writers, they've got him taking his top off every five minutes." We don't mind, of course!

Putting the producers' want for a shirtless Dodger down as his reason for going to the gym, Danny joked he has to work out just to "give himself half a chance" at claiming the top spot in the Sexiest Male charts.

Not that he's had a hard time doing so, so far...

But Danny did admit that stripping off can get a little tiresome at times: "I want to go and tell them that I'm just not doing it - not to be a pain in the arse - but [Dodger] doesn't need to be taking his top off to buy a coffee... at least have him sleeping with someone!"

And asked who he would like his character to be sleeping with, Danny quipped: "Anyone. Everyone. All the time."


But unlike Dodger, Danny said he won't be using his buffed up bod to woo the ladies. He said: "I don't need to, I've got a beautiful girlfriend."

Danny is dating his former Hollyoaks co-star, Carly Stenson.

One lady though who will be proudly showing off Danny's win is his mum. Telling us his award is heading for his mum's mantlepiece, Danny said: "I get it for tonight and then my mum snatches it off me and she goes 'there it is, there's my boy'."

A four-time Inside Soap winner, Danny's mum must be running out of room... but how will Danny cope if he's pipped to the post next year?

Laughing at the thought, Danny joked: "I'll probably go into a hole and you'll never see me again."

Well, we can't be having that!

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