CBB's Edele Lynch and Stephanie Pratt have 'catfight' over George Gilbey

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Celebrity Big Brother stars Edele Lynch and Stephanie Pratt have come to blows over unlikely love interest George Gilbey.

After Hollywood actor Gary Busey was named the winner of the reality show during the final on Friday night (12 September), the cast were brought together on Big Brother's Bit On The Side - and there were fireworks!

Edele Lynch , Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2014

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Stephanie Pratt, Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2014

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During their time in the CBB house, viewers saw Googlebox's George and Made In Chelsea's Stephanie become very close, although both insisted it was platonic.

However, when Stephanie was evicted, George then became close to B*Witched singer Edele and the pair even shared a kiss.

So, reunited at last, Stephanie was quick to tell her former housemates EXACTLY what she thought of them, and things became rather heated!

Celebrity Big Brother, George Gilbey and Edele Lynch kiss, Channel 5
10 September

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As BBOTS presenter Rylan Clark questioned Edele about the nature of her relationship with George, she admitted: "We had a little friendly kiss under the covers."

When Rylan suggested Stephanie wasn't happy, George remarked: "She said she regarded me as a brother, so if she doesn't want her brother to be happy..."

Stephanie was quick to argue her point, saying: "I actually said I loved you as a friend, and you said you were in love with me. You said you didn't want a relationship, and I didn't either, so we said in five years we'd see where we were at. But the night I left you got into Edele's bed.

"You and Edele were my best friends in the house. and that is the worst betrayal."

She also blasted her love rival, saying: "I'm embarrassed for Edele because she has kids and she's just separated." Ouch!

George Gilbey, Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2014

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Then, as if things couldn't get any MORE awkward, runner-up Edele accused Stephanie of "pushing her" before the show... We think this love triangle deserves a reality show all of its own!

After the love recording, Stephanie took to Twitter to tell her fans how she felt.

She told them: "I will always be real. IF you want to be fake don't do reality tv bc we SEE it!!

"Gona stick to my real friends! Good experience - I just need to be a better judge of character!! Ugh!"

Who knew George Gilbey was such a catch?

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