MIC: Stephanie Pratt arrives in New York to surprise of Stevie Johnson

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Made In Chelsea star Stephanie Pratt arrived in New York much to the surprise of old flame Stevie Johnson, but will the pair rekindle their romance?

Last night (7 September), viewers saw Stephanie make her debut in Made In Chelsea: New York and with her heart set on surprising Stevie, she wasn't too pleased to hear he was already dating someone else...

Made In Chelsea: New York, Stephanie Pratt arrives in NYC
7 September

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Previously viewers saw Stevie win over MIC newcomer, American Billie Carroll, as she decided to date him instead of his co-star Spencer Matthews, but with Stephanie arriving in the Big Apple in last night's ep, Stevie and his feelings soon became confused.

On her arrival, Stephanie met with BFF Lucy Watson and was sad to hear that Stevie had already moved on from their relationship and was dating Billie.

Wiping away tears, she said: "I'm really confused. Why would he call me everyday and ask me to come visit?... We're not dating he's allowed to do that, I just had no idea he was... I feel so dumb."

As Stevie arrived and explained his situation with Billie "wasn't that serious", Stephanie joked: "Why couldn't you just let Spencer have her?!"

Later in the episode, the pair met up just the two of them to talk things through.

As Stephanie said her surprising Stevie had backfired now he's with Billie, Stevie told her: "I was always going to speak to you about it, when it started we still weren't really speaking."

Made In Chelsea: New York, Stephanie Pratt reunites with Stevie Johnson, New York
7 September

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Interjecting Stephanie told him: "I just needed time. That goodbye was harder for me than it was for you, I didn't want to leave. That plane ride, it was one of the worst days."

As Stevie told his ex he was glad that they were speaking again, Stephanie said: "I'm not sure if I'm glad... this is hard. I'm sad."

Made In Chelsea: New York, Stevie Johnson reunites with Stephanie Pratt, New York
7 September

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Admitting his feelings hadn't changed towards Stephanie, Stevie told her: "I still look at you and feel exactly the same way, this is hard for me as well."

As the pair struggled to fight their feelings for each other, Stephanie said she wasn't sure she could hang out with Stevie as that wouldn't be fair on Billie if he is still dating her.

To which Stevie said: "She's not you... If I got a knock on my door and I didn't know who it was, if there was one girl in the world I could chose to come through, it would be you."

Made In Chelsea: New York, Billie Carroll and Binky Felstead in The Hamptons, New York
7 September

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Meanwhile Billie, who was holidaying in The Hamptons with Binky Felstead, found out Stephanie had arrived in town and began to worry whether Stevie's feelings for his ex-girlfriend were still there.

The girls' getaway was quickly crashed by Jamie Laing and Spencer Matthews and Spencer was only too happy to tell Billie that things between Stevie and Stephanie only ended as she had to return to LA. Other than that, the pair were "pretty much still together"...

And it looks like the lothario could be right as in a sneak peek at next week's ep, Stevie is seen kissing Stephanie as they rekindle their romance on a romantic date.

Made In Chelsea: New York, Stephanie Pratt and Stevie Johnson, New York
7 September

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After last night's show, Stevie tweeted: "Had to go with my heart... #MICNYC." Could this mean it's the end of the road for him and Billie?

Maybe, but it seems Billie won't go down without a fight and is seen next week telling Stephanie that Stevie told her his feelings for the Hills star had completely gone, causing Steph to burst into tears.

Uh-oh... sounds like Stevie is in trouble - again!

Catch the next episode of Made In Chelsea: New York on Sunday 14 September at 9pm on E4.

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