Piers Morgan on Life Stories: 'I never intend to make people cry'

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Piers Morgan has said he never sets out to make guests on his Life Stories series cry.

The journalist and interviewer has grilled some of the world's biggest stars on his ITV series about some of the most wonderful and devastating times of their lives so it's no surprise there are often tears.

Piers Morgan outside the ITV studios in London, 5 September 2014

© WENN / Rocky

Piers outside the ITV studios today.

But Piers has insisted making a guest weep is never his intention.

"I don't actually set out to make anyone cry, I really don't!" he said on ITV's This Morning today.

"Sometimes I'm doing these interviews for two or three hours sometimes without a break in front of an audience and it does get quite intense and it'd be surprising to me if people weren't emotional about certain points in their life."

Life Stories is fimed in front of a studio audience. Tonight, Alesha Dixon is in the spotlight. She will open up about losing her recording contract, her cheating ex-husband, her difficult childhood and how she's now found love with a new partner, the father of her baby girl.

Piers, meanwhile, recently announced he'd left his role at CNN after three and a half years to focus on new projects.

Initially, he was faced with claims he'd been fired before it emerged he'd left on his own accord.

"[Any mocking] didn't hurt because I knew I hadn't actually been fired. What had happened was, I sat down with the boss of CNN and he offered me a new two-year deal to do big interviews but I wasn't able to talk about it because I was negotiating and I've recently decided not to accept that .

"But do I understand why when I lose big jobs half of Britain go 'whoopie do'? Of course! Does it hurt? No. I've got very thick skin..."

He added: "I think I've had an amazing career - I've done all variety of newspapers and television shows here and America - all very different," he said. "I've been out in the US for eight years and I've had an incredible time and I hope to carry on doing stuff."

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