Exclusive: Ashley Roberts talks Woman Up, Takeaway On Tour and being her own boss

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Ashley Roberts poses backstage at G-A-Y club night at Heaven on August 30, 2014 in London, United Kingdom.

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Ashley Roberts has just released her new single 'Woman Up' and her debut solo album Butterfly Effect.

The former Pussycat Doll is also in the midst of joining our favourite Geordie duo Ant and Dec on every night of their 'Takeaway On Tour' in the UK.

Ashley resumes her role as host of 'Ant Vs Dec' and also performs 'Woman Up' to the studio audience. We actually popped down to watch Ashley at the first London show last week (29 August), where she strutted her stuff on stage with a team of dancers behind her. One word: Fierce!

In between her very hectic schedule we managed to grab a quick chat with Ashley to talk all things music...

'Takeaway On Tour' wraps up next week (Saturday 13 September). How much have you enjoyed performing every night?

I love performing 'Woman Up' every night. The show is so much fun and I get to appear in and out throughout the whole show. The reaction to 'Woman Up' has been great too. It's been really positive. After each performance I'll jump on Twitter to see what the fans are saying, and they tell me that they love the song. It's nice that people are enjoying the show and like the song. That's rewarding.

We know there's a lot of fun on stage (it's a jam-packed show!) but what does everyone get up to backstage?

We just have a good time backstage. We eat, catch-up, chill out and then go to our dressing rooms to get ready for the show. I did the secret 'I'm A Celebrity Get Out Of Me Ear' challenge the other night and Ant and Dec made me eat a haggis and down beer! I did not want to do that but I did it anyway. I was being a good sport! We've had a couple of special guests on the show too from Joey Essex to Stephen Mulhern and Peter Andre. It's just fun to see new people. It brings new energy to the show.

How does 'Woman Up' relate to you personally?

When I heard the song I immediately related to it. I watched my mum suffer through a divorce and she relied a lot on my dad for financial stability. I saw her suffer after that and I just didn't want that to ever happen to me. It really gave me a lot of drive to be my own boss and not to rely on others to make me happy or fulfilled, and to have confidence whether I'm in a relationship or not. When I heard the song, it connected, so I love it.

Kimberly Wyatt joins Ashley as a special guest for her 'Woman Up' music video. (21 July).

© A.Gent Publicity / Ashley Roberts

Your former Pussycat Doll bandmate Kimberly Wyatt stars in the 'Woman Up' video - how did that come about?

With Kim, we were just having a catch-up and I told her I was shooting the video and said I would love for her to pop by. It was just one of those things. I was really excited about the video. It was a long day of dancing and I felt like I hardly sat down that day, but it was good to dust of the old dancing legs and have fun again! The choreography was great and the dancers were amazing.

What can you tell us about the style or theme of Butterfly Effect?

It's mainly pop, but there's a bit of alternative and soul too. It's me and different facets of my personality and I think that they all come out within the album.

Last question! In our last chat, you said you were hoping to find Mr. Right... Have you found him yet?

Well... I am dating at the moment and I'm really happy but I want to keep it private for now.

Ashley Roberts' new single 'Woman Up' and her debut album Butterfly Effect is out now. Keep up-to-date with Ashley by following her on Twitter here.

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Watch Ashley's 'Woman Up' music video below: