CBB's James Jordan on Lauren Goodger: "She loves the attention"

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James Jordan and Edele Lynch have discussed their reservations about fellow housemates Lauren Goodger and Ricci Guarnaccio's blossoming romance in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Geordie Shore star Ricci openly declared his feelings for Lauren from the very beginning, while former TOWIE star Lauren has been more reserved, but she recently told Ricci that she wanted to "take things slow".

Celebrity Big Brother - Lauren Goodger and Ricci Guarnaccio - Day 15 - (Monday 1 September).

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Ricci and Lauren have been flirting in the house - and have already shared a kiss.

However, Ricci and Lauren's constant flirting in the house hasn't gone unnoticed by James and Edele, who claim that Lauren isn't being honest about how she really feels.

In a clip from Day 15 in the house (Monday 1 September), while Lauren and Ricci play fight in the bedroom, Big Reunion star Edele has a chat with James in the bathroom about her views on the new house romance.

"Some girls are really bad at turning people down if they like them," Edele said. "They don't know how to just blatantly say no."

James, who has previously revealed reservations about their romance, said: "She loves the attention. When she's had a couple of drinks she just likes the attention. She's said to loads of people that she doesn't fancy him but you can't play with someone's emotions like that. It's a bit unfair."

Celebrity Big Brother - Lauren Goodger and Ricci Guarnaccio play fight in the bedroom (Monday 1 September).

© Channel 5

Ricci and Lauren play fighting in the bedroom (Day 15).

When James asked Edele if Lauren had also told her that she doesn't fancy Ricci, Edele nodded.

"She said it to me like over a week ago," Edele added. "It's hard for him now because he's fallen for her anyway. Who spends 24 hours with someone after falling for them, that doesn't like them back? It's an unrealistic situation for him to get away from. Maybe he does need to get hurt, maybe that's what needs to happen. Maybe that's the only way to deal with it."

During last night's highlights show, viewers saw James warn Ricci over getting hurt. "I don't want you to get hurt mate. The only time she's all over you is when she's had a drink."

Ricci agreed, commenting: "She's playing games. When I fall, I fall... I don't play games."

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight (Tuesday 2 September) at 10pm on Channel 5.

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Watch James and Edele discuss Lauren and Ricci in the video below: