Exclusive: Dan Osborne talks Dreamboys: "It's not the first time I've stripped off!"

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Let's be honest - we all rejoiced when we heard Dan Osborne was joining The Dreamboys on their upcoming 'The Fit and Famous Tour'.

TOWIE star Dan will be accompanying the famous male strip group on seven tour dates, running from September to November. And as if that wasn't good enough, Dan even participated in a charity car wash with the lads last week (13 August) - before posing in a very wet T-shirt after getting a good soaking!

Dan Osborne - the UK's biggest heartthrob - and newest addition to the UK's most successful and famous male strip group The Dreamboys, got lathered up today for a charity car-washing event, 13 August 2014

© Justin Goff/GoffPhotos.com

Dan joined The Dreamboys for a charity car wash in aid of Balls to Cancer.

Reveal were on hand to support Dan on the day (of course), and we also nabbed a quick chat with the Essex heartthrob to discuss how he really feels about baring all on stage...

You're now part of The Dreamboys - how did that happen?

"I met [The Dreamboys' manager] David at a charity event and we got chatting about what The Dreamboys were all about, what they do and how much fun they have. David said it would be cool to get me involved with a few shows and it sounded great. Today is the first time I've met all the guys and they're really nice, so I just thought, 'Why not?' It's a new experience!"

How do you feel about stripping off for the first time?

"Believe me, it's not the first time I've stripped off! [Laughs] Well, I guess on stage it is. I feel alright about it, they don't strip completely off anyway... it's just like being in your boxers in front of everyone. That's not too bad, right?"

Have you ever been to a strip show yourself?

"No I haven't, I probably should have, but I don't know... I'll have to watch some videos on YouTube so I know what I'm in for!"

Dan Osborne - the UK's biggest heartthrob - and newest addition to the UK's most successful and famous male strip group The Dreamboys, got lathered up today for a charity car-washing event, 13 August 2014

© Justin Goff/GoffPhotos.com

Dan will be joining The Dreamboys on seven tour dates across September and November.

Have you had to up your gym sessions in preparation for the shows?

"I haven't, in fact the last couple of weeks I've really let myself go, I've been so busy working I haven't had time to do anything. I'm going to get back in the gym from today."

How about your grooming routine?

"I haven't done that either... as you can see, the facial hair is getting a bit long! I will though, I'm going to sort myself out in time for the shows."

Will you be having a back, sack and crack?

"No I won't... ever! [Laughs] That's too much pain for me, no thank you!"

What did you think of your pal James Lock having one on camera?

"I thought it was hilarious. And he's told me how much it hurts as well, so that's another reason why I won't be having one! [Laughs]"

Reveal chats with TOWIE's Dan Osborne at the charity car wash held at Lellers Car Valet London - 13 August 2014

© Reveal

Reveal chatted to Dan at The Dreamboys' charity car wash at Lellers Car Valet in London.

TOWIE's Dan Osborne gets a Teddy tattoo - 14 July 2014

© Twitter / @DannyO

Dan says he's let himself go on the exercise front... but judging by this picture, we don't believe him!

It's thought TOWIE will be kicking off series 13 with an Ibiza special - are you excited to jet off?

"It should be good, yes... although it's always a bit dramatic."

You like to stay away from the drama at the moment though...

"I do like to separate myself from drama, if something really doesn't bother me then I just won't get involved with it. Some people really say too much when they don't really need to, and then they just create drama for themselves. I'm too laid-back to care. I just stay out of it and enjoy myself."

You had a big fall-out with Jasmin Walia in Marbella, but you're all good now, right?

"Yes we're OK now, it's blown over. We were filming and I asked if anyone wanted McDonald's, she wanted a Happy Meal so I bought her one, then she was alright with me after that."

At the time, she was so angry she threw a drink in your face - how did that feel?!

"To be honest it was so hot in the club I needed it. It cooled me right down! I suppose I did lose my temper a bit and I probably did deserve it in a way."

Do you regret what you said to her?

"You can't say regret, when someone's bitching about you for absolutely no reason it does get on your nerves after a whole week of hearing it. I just snapped. But she hasn't done it since, so I'm guessing it must have taught her a little lesson!"

TOWIE's Dan Osborne posts more cute snaps with son Teddy, 16 August 2014

© Instagram / danosborneofficial

Dan is father to son Teddy, born in December 2013, and he's expecting another little one with girlfriend Jacqueline Jossa.

Your son Teddy is so cute - do you love being a dad?

"Yes, it's just unreal, I can't even explain it. It's just the best feeling ever."

What's been your highlight so far with little Teddy?

"Now he's crawling and it's SO cute, it's unbelievable. You walk into another room and then two minutes later his little head bobs around the corner and he's crawling in to find you. I think that's been the best thing so far."

You're expecting another little one soon - do you want to have more kids in the future?

"Yes definitely. They're amazing. I'd have 100 more if they were all like Teddy!"

The Dreamboys and newest addition Dan Osborne keeping it clean at Lellers Car Valet London and supporting male cancer charity, Balls to Cancer.

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