Exclusive: Ashley James talks about telling her story on depression and anxiety

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Former Made In Chelsea star Ashley James has been overwhelmed by the support she has received since opening up about her battle with depression and anxiety.

Last month, Ashley revealed for the first time in her blog for the Metro that she had suffered with depression and anxiety during 2013.

Speaking to Reveal recently at the VIP screening for Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For in Soho, Ashley said the feedback she has received since publishing her piece has been "really nice".

Ashley James attends 'Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For' VIP film screening, London
20 August

© Rex Features / David Dettmann

The blonde beauty admitted that last year her "self esteem had hit rock bottom", but now, on the mend, Ashley is hoping her story will help to make a difference to others and so far the response she has had has been good.

Despite writing her article months and months ago, Ashley said she was worried to release it as she wanted to get the timing right.

She said: "I was going to release it when Peaches Geldof died but I didn't want it to be seen as jumping on the bandwagon. I'm quite good friends with FiFi Geldof and she said that she was happy with the article. She suffers from depression and she recently came out with that as well, shortly after I did."

After finally telling her story, Ashley has been inundated with messages from people, including a few familiar faces from her days back at school.

"I was bullied and the people that used to bully me got in touch with these really long messages talking about their own time that they had dealing with the same issues. It was really nice.

"The only negative thing that was said was a comment on the Metro that said 'I hate that show' in reference to Made In Chelsea!"

Ashley James and friend at VIP screening of Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For in Soho, London
20 August

© Instagram / @ashleylouisejames

Ashley spoke about the feedback she had received from her blog while attended the Sin City 2 VIP screening last night.

After finding fame on Made In Chelsea, Ashley told us she wouldn't rule out doing another reality show.

She said: "I like the idea of doing a show like I'm A Celeb because I'm scared of everything but I'm so competitive, I'd love to see how I'd react in a situation like that. And I love Celebrity Big Brother and normal Big Brother, it's so interesting - especially from a psychological perspective to see how people react!"

Ashley's ex boyfriend and former MIC star Ollie Locke has already been on CBB.

"It was so interesting when Ollie was on it because I know him so well. I could tell if he was nervous or if he was excited... I don't know if I would do it though."

Joining Ashley at the VIP screening were fellow Made In Chelsea stars Francesca Newman-Young and Oliver Proudlock.

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