Made In Chelsea's Cheska Hull: "I don't want to be super skinny!"

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Cheska Hull talks about weight loss tips for supplement - 5 August 2014
Made In Chelsea's Cheska Hull has opened up about her fitness secrets, revealing that she doesn't want to be "super super skinny".

Cheska is a happy size 10 and admits she sometimes fluctuates to a 12 on her bottom half, but is happy with her figure providing she fits into her clothes.

The reality star and PR expect loves keeping in shape with dog walking and swimming - and does not enjoy running on a treadmill for hours on end. We can't help but agree!

Here, Cheska - who is set to star in MIC:NYC this weekend - spills the beans on how she stays looking so fabulous.

You've recently started a new fitness regime. What has spurred you to do it?
It's that time of the year when you can panic about putting your bikini on and you want to look good. The warmer the weather gets, the less clothing you wear. But more than looking good, for me I want to feel confident in the way I look and just doing fitness, eating healthily and controlling my diet allows me to feel more confident.

What was your goal?
I don't really have a set weight, it's more just an attempt to fit into my summer wardrobe and feel confident. I don't want to get super super skinny, that's not my goal. I want to feel that I have muscle and I feel in myself that I look good. I just instinctively know and feel better when I've lost weight. I know what my body should look like and I know when I get to a certain point that I need to stay there. I'm normally a size 10, but that lower part of my body - my bottom - will fluctuate to a 12, and I want to be a 10.

Cheska Hull poses in her fitness clothes - 5 August 2014

How often do you exercise?
I'm really lucky that I have a pool and a gym where I live. I probably go for a swim three or four times a week.

What is your favourite exercise?
Swimming is definitely my favourite exercise because it doesn't even feel like work!

What is the best piece of health advice anyone's ever given you?
I used to think that if you wanted to lose weight, you had to spend hours on the treadmill. That really annoyed me, because that's not what I think is fun about exercise. My personal trainer has taught me that you can do more by mixing it up. That has helped me a lot, knowing that going to the gym doesn't mean running on the treadmill for a really long time!

Have you changed your diet?
I have a weakness for coca cola and fizzy drinks - that's my big problem. I have cut them out completely and replaced them with green tea or sparkling water that's flavoured. Also, I've been eating less carbs and more vegetables. I've been having things like avocadoes and nuts for snacks instead of having a packet of crisps and an ice cream It's just little changes. I've also been drinking Lineaslim which is an effervescent garcinia cambogia supplement which acts as an appetite suppressant. that really helps when I'm trying to watch my weight! It's fizzy too, so it satisfies my fizzy drink craving!

Cheska Hull at the Battersea cats and Dogs Home, Collars & Coats gala ball

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Cheska loves walking her dog Evie and is a supporter of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

What do you typically eat in a day?
In the winter I quite like to make porridge, but in the summer I'll put some fresh fruit in a juicer and whizz it all up for a smoothie. For lunch, one of my favourite meals is steak, cottage cheese, celery and tomatoes. I love steak with an egg on it. I know it sounds really weird, but I love that. I went to Thailand recently and I love Tom Yum soup, so for dinner I'll have something like that. I'm quite into my spicy food at the moment, but I try not to have spicy food at night because you can't really digest it. For snacks I'll have popcorn - it's quite moreish and, as long as you don't have sugary coatings, it's good for you. I prefer salted anyway.

What food cheers you up?
I have a Fab ice lolly, even in the winter. That always cheers me up!

How often do you drink booze?
I try to only go out three times a week, whereas before I'd go out every night, but the pressure is there to drink every night if I really wanted to. There's always something going on! If you want to control your diet and you want to control yourself, you have to limit that. I could have gone out last night to a big event, but I couldn't be bothered. I wanted to spend some time with my boyfriend and we ate healthily together.

What is your secret hangover cure?
I do get hangovers, I think everyone does, and the best thing to do is exercise. I get up and either go work out or swim loads of lengths. With a hangover, I think swimming is the best thing you can do, because it rehydrates your body. Also, if you go in the steam room or the sauna you can sweat out all the toxins, then have a nice shower afterwards and you feel so much better. You also feel like you haven't wasted the day on a hangover, you've done something and you can tick a box. You'll feel better and ready to go again the next night!

What are your worst and best habits?
Being naughty and having a coca cola when I'm hungover is my worst. But because I have a dog, I walk a lot, and I think that's a good habit.

Cheska is a fan of Lineaslim Effervescent Tablets with Garcinia Cambogia, available from Boots nationwide / £19.99 for 20 tablets.