Exclusive: JLS' JB Gill tells us: "I cannot wait to become a dad!"

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JB Gill is about to become a dad for the very first time, which makes this former JLS star one happy little bunny!

In our exclusive chat, 27-year-old JB tells us that he and wife Chloe can't wait to be parents.

"Its an exciting time for us both and we're looking forward to it," he says.

JB Gill copyright free picture sent from Kellogg's PR

© Kellogg's

JB's focusing on fatherhood right now, and getting pretty excited about it too!

In fact, JB's already feeling emotional about the day Chloe goes in to labour.

"It's going to be a big moment for Chloe… we haven't found out what we're having so it's going to be an incredible day, to say the least."

Eek! Exciting stuff.

The singer, who met Chloe in 2008 on The X Factor, married his professional dancer lady in May.

And they looked very loved up last week when JB accompanied his heavily pregnant wife to the premiere of new movie Guardians of the Galaxy.

JB Gill and wife Chloe at the Guardians of the Galaxy premiere, 24.7.14


Chloe looked gorgeous in red lace at a recent premiere in London.

The pair live together on JB's farm in Kent, and recently returned from a lush looking honeymoon in the Seychelles. JB coos: "Married life is amazing, I absolutely love it."

Chloe's due in the next few months, and so JB's been busy trying to learn the ropes by flicking through a book aimed at giving advice to dads-to-be.

He tells us: "I became an uncle recently so we've been getting practice in! He's a great baby." Oh. Cute.

JB Gill posts honeymoon snap with wife Chloe, June 14.

© Instagram / jbgill

JB and Chloe on honeymoon.

JB Gill reads a book about pregnancy

© Instagram / jbgill

He's been getting some advice from this book!

The couple are planning to keep as much as they can a surprise. They have decided not to find out the sex of their baby, and haven't picked any names yet.

JB adds: "We didn't want to go overboard in our preparations so we haven't got a nursery ready yet.

"We just wanted to wait and celebrate with our family when it happens."

JB Gill and wife Chloe at Taste London in June

© Instagram / jbgill

JB and Chloe at the Taste of London festival in June. Cute couple!

Meanwhile, JB recently graced our TV screens on Celebrity Masterchef, and it turns out this singer just loves to cook.

He says: "I found it funny how most of the chefs on the show were guys because I've grown up around female cooks.

"I don't think it's my official task at home but I definitely enjoy cooking for Chloe."

While filming Masterchef, he got on with one celeb in particular… Millie Mackintosh. JB says: "Millie is cool. She's like one of those girls at school who knows everything! Especially when it comes to food."

Since JLS hung up their dancing shoes last year, JB's been busy working on his farm, producing music and setting up his own university course.

He sounds like one busy guy to us!

He's now fronting Kellogg's Origins campaign, which aims to get kids more aware of where their food comes from: "Whenever my family gets together, food is always involved. But a lot of kids don't know that their meat comes from animals, because they only see it in packets at the supermarket."

Growing up on a farm, Bubba Gill certainly won't have that problem!

JB teamed up with Kellogg's to launch its Origins programme, designed to educate youngsters about their food and help them learn about balanced diets.

Read the full chat, and find out which celebrity couple JB has been turning to for dad advice, in this week's issue. It's out now, yo!

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