TOWIE's Gemma Collins forgets she's already kissed her blind date before!

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TOWIE's Gemma Collins was left embarrassed on her blind date last night after being told she had already kissed the guy!

After Gemma declared she hasn't been "swept off her feet by a man in ten years", co-star Ferne McCann stepped in to help her unlucky in love pal, setting Gemma up on a blind date.

But little did Gemma know she already knew her blind date thanks to a cosy night in Sugar Hut...

Gemma Collins receives white roses from her mystery date.
TOWIE episode airs 23 July 2014.


Cheeky chappy greeted Gemma with flowers on their blind date.

Begging Ferne to set her up with "geezer" Danny Dyer, Gemma had a few requirements for her date in question.

Speaking to Ferne and Harry Derbidge, Gemma said: "The main thing is he makes me laugh, he's kind to me and basically he has to really shower me."

No not literally Harry... with gifts. Shower her with gifts.

And hoping to be Gem's new guy, Gino Antonio (@GinoAntonio12) sure gave it his best shot as he arrived with flowers in hand.

Finding her date's face a little bit too familiar, Gemma told Gino she really recognised him and quick to tell Gemma they've met before, Gino revealed the pair had got to know each other a little too well before on a night out.

Gemma Collins shocked at mystery date's revelation.
TOWIE episode airs 23 July 2014.


A shocked Gemma couldn't believe she had forgotten she had already kissed Gino before.

"Do you know where it was?...It'll probably shock you, do you remember in Sugar Hut us kissing?"

Visibily gobsmacked by Gino's revelation, a confused Gemma said: "Are you joking me?! I've snogged you?!...Shut up!!!"

And if she needed convincing, Gino even had proof of the pair's little rendevous as he showed Gemma a photo of them kissing on his phone - cheeky!

Gemma Collins hides behind napkin on blind date with Gino Antonio, TOWIE, 23 July


Gemma hid behind her napkin embarrassed from Gino's revealtion.

Hiding behind her napkin, Gemma said: "I can't believe I've kissed you and I didn't remember!... How lucky for you, you got to snog GC."

Oh Gem!

As Gemma told Gino she wished he was just 20 years older, a grinning Gino told Gemma "what will be, will be".

But will the pair pick things up from where they left off? One particular co-star certainly hopes so.

Gemma's ex-boyfriend James 'Arg' Argent was quick to take to Twitter to comment on his former flame's date. Congratulating the newcomer and showing he's rooting for the pair, Arg tweeted:

"Congratulations to @GinoAntonio12 I hear you smashed your #TOWIE debut last night! You and G C are made for each other! Lol @OnlyWayIsEssex."

Fingers crossed Gemma will have better luck than Arg did in last night's ep. After hoping for a reconciliation with Lydia Bright, a heartbroken Arg was left disappointed when Lydia told him they "need to just be friends".

Catch the next episode of TOWIE on Sunday 27 July at 10pm on ITV2.

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