TOWIE's Vas J. Morgan, James Lock resolve differences over a drink?

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TOWIE fans saw James Lock exchanging words with Vas J. Morgan on last week's episode, but judging by these new pictures, the pair may now have cleared the air…

Lockie jumped to girlfriend Danielle Armstrong's defence when she confronted Vas about a tweet in which he called her "scum". He also said she was the "most vile human" he'd ever met.

He told Vas it wasn't a "manly" thing to do.

TOWIE: Vas J. Morgan and James Lock talk in a pub, filmed 20 July 2014

© Rex Features / Steve Meddle

Vas, meanwhile, was upset that Danielle had reportedly slagged off his new fashion collection, calling it "disgusting", before branding him "weird, snobby and stuck up".


TOWIE: Vas J. Morgan and James Lock talk in a pub, filmed 20 July 2014

© Rex Features / Steve Meddle

New photos from the set of TOWIE, however, show Lockie and Vas having a drink together during a recent day of filming. Vas looks quite happy. Does this mean all is well between them? Or is he doing that 'incredulous I don't believe you said that' laugh?

We guess time will tell.

Lockie had previously said: "I'm going to let Danielle handle this herself this time, but I will be having a chat with him as well because obviously Danielle is my girlfriend and I'm very defensive of her."

TOWIE: Danielle Armstrong and Vas J. Morgan argue, episode 20 July 2014


Danielle and Vas' issues with each other appeared to come out of the blue. It started when Vas' friend told him Danielle had been overheard criticising his fashion collection at a recent catwalk event. He was also told Danielle had called him weird.

He responded by tweeting: "When scum like Danielle Armstrong start to get fashion it's the moment high fashion doesn't exist. Thank God she doesn't get it."

Danielle, however, hit back by saying she can't remember saying any of that.

In tonight's episode of TOWIE, we'll see Vas and Danielle coming face-to-face for the first time since their confrontation, and Vas breaks down in tears as he explains to Danielle why her comments affected him so much.

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