Cheryl Cole says her split from Ashley Cole left her "horribly numb"

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Cheryl Cole has so much going for her right now - delicious new husband and a single storming the charts to name just a few - but just four years ago Cheryl was dealing with the heartache of her break-up from former husband Ashley Cole.

Now, Cheryl has opened up about just how badly their split affected her.

In a new interview with The Times magazine, Cheryl says: "I was borderline. I was walking crazyville. I had no fire in me belly. I didn't feel passionate any more, just a bit dead. Getting out of bed was difficult.

Would you ever date a womaniser like Ashley Cole?

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Cheryl and ex-husband Ashley in happier times.

"I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat properly. Trying to go to sleep, and suddenly when you're sleeping, the world gets loud."

Cheryl, now 31, married 33-year-old Ashley in 2006, during her Girls Aloud hey day.

But it wasn't long before the footballer was linked to a number of cheating allegations, and the pair were finally divorced in 2010.

The tough time inevitably took its toll on Cheryl, who says she felt "horribly numb" during that period.

Ashley Cole and Cheryl Cole walking hand in hand, arrive at their hotel
London, England - 03.12.08
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Cheryl felt "horribly numb" as she struggled through her split from ex-hubby Ashley.

But as we know, our Cheryl is a true fighter.

Not one to be beaten by heartache, Cheryl took a step back from the limelight before coming back with a bang, and has rejoined The X Factor this year.

Coupled with a whirlwind marriage to French hunk Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini and her single Crazy Stupid Love storming the charts, Cheryl feels like she's in the best place ever.

On Saturday, a happy Cheryl took to Twitter to say: "I'm so grateful for your continued loyalty and support!! Seriously. Words fail me #havingamoment"

Cheryl Cole and Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini at Cosy Box, Cannes Film Festival, May 2014

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Cheryl and Jean-Bernard… Just an average-looking pair of newlyweds!!!

"You know what I also realised these past years? I refuse to let somebody else's s***** behaviour change me fundamentally,' adds Cheryl in The Times magazine interview.

"Because you treat me like s***, I'm not going to become bitter and twisted. I'm going to remain the person I am, with the values and beliefs that I had, and let you deal with your s***."

You go girl! The star has now ditched Ashley's last name, going by Cheryl Official on Twitter.

And it looks like she and Jean-Bernard could be thinking about some mini Fernandez-Versinis sometime soon. Oh la la!

However, Chez insists that kids aren't on her radar just yet, adding: "It's not in my plans."

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