Michelle Keegan pranks Coronation Street star Brooke Vincent!

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Michelle Keegan played a pretty funny prank on Coronation Street star Brooke Vincent yesterday!

Michelle starred in Corrie alongside Brooke for more than six years until making her exit from the popular ITV soap in April. Viewers saw Michelle's character, barmaid Tina McIntyre, get killed off in a chilling murder storyline in June.

Michelle Keegan pranks Coronation Street star Brooke Vincent with Nick Grimshaw on BBC Radio 1's Breakfast Show (16 July).

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Michelle gets ready to play 'Call or Delete'.

On Wednesday (16 July), Michelle popped in to the BBC studios in London to join Nick Grimshaw for a game of 'Call or Delete' on Radio 1's Breakfast Show.

Michelle, who is engaged to former TOWIE star Mark Wright, called close friend Brooke, who plays lesbian Sophie Webster in the soap.

Michelle told Nick: "I've left Corrie. I haven't seen her [Brooke] in a while actually. We do text a lot."

Nick thought of a cunning plan, saying Michelle should call Brooke and tell her that producers have asked her to return to Corrie... as Sophie's lesbian ghost!

Michelle then began her call to Brooke and wasted no time in talking about her surprise 'return'!

Brooke Vincent and Michelle Keegan on new set of Coronation Street is revealed, moving from Quay Street to the new home of Media City.
Manchester, United Kingdom

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Michelle on the set of Corrie with Brooke earlier this year.

"I just had a meeting with ITV and they called me in," Michelle told Brooke. "Do you know what they said? Because I left Corrie the ratings dipped, like a proper big dip, by nearly half. I was like 'Well, what do you want me to do about it?' and they said they've come up with a few ideas like bringing me back as Tina's twin sister!"

Brooke simply replied: "Oh my god."

Michelle continued: "You haven't heard the half of it Brooke! They want me to come back as her twin sister that Tina didn't know she had, but her mum knew. And guess what? They want you to fall in love with me! They want Sophie and Tina's twin sister to have a lesbian love thing!

"That's what they said to me, they're panicking. The other thing they threw in the bag was that they want to bring me back as a ghost. They need to bring something back whether it's six months or a year, they want me to come back to change the story up."

Brooke fell for it hook, line and sinker, and despite laughing in shock, she was quick to fill in her mum on the latest soap gossip!

Michelle Keegan pranks Coronation Street star Brooke Vincent with Nick Grimshaw on BBC Radio 1's Breakfast Show (16 July).

© Twitter / @R1Breakfast

Michelle and Nick strike several poses for the photo booth.

"I don't think that's believable, do you?," Michelle asked Brooke. "I literally sat there and they said, 'We need you back on the soap."

Michelle quickly wrapped up her chat with Brooke, explaining she needed to head into another meeting but would catch-up with her later!

After the call, Nick was in hysterics, with Michelle admitting: "I love her! She was relaying everything back to her mum! I can't believe she fell for it! I loved it, it was so fun."

Before the hilarious prank, Michelle posed for pictures with Grimmy in the photo booth, showing off her golden tan from her recent holiday in Mallorca.

Listen to Michelle's prank here.

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