TOWIE's Vas J. Morgan brands Danielle Armstrong a "vile human"

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TOWIE newbie Vas J. Morgan has branded co-star Danielle Armstrong "the most vile human" he has ever met.

Um, yikes.

The fashion designer has said he's unhappy with comments Danielle allegedly made about his latest collection while attending a recent runway event.

Vas J. Morgan on TOWIE talking about Danielle Armstrong, 16 July 2014


On last night's episode, viewers saw Vas telling his pals that Danielle had been sitting next to a friend of his in the audience and reportedly making less than flattering remarks about the show.

Vas claimed: "She was saying, 'This show is weird. Vas is weird. The clothes are disgusting.' And saying I'm snobby and stuck up and she doesn't know why I am here."

He continued: "I'm not offended by her not getting the show because I don't think Victoria Beckham would be offended if Kat Slater didn't get it. I sent her a tweet saying: 'When scum like Danielle Armstrong start to get fashion it's the moment high fashion doesn't exist. Thank God she doesn't get it.'

"She's actually the most vile human I've come across in my life."

Danielle Armstrong on TOWIE talking about Vas J. Morgan, 16 July 2014


Danielle later responded to his tweet during a chat with her friend Jasmin Walia, saying "scum" was a harsh and nasty word to use and she actually DOES know fashion.

"What does he mean? Does he think he's better than everyone else? Silly sod doesn't realise I've been in fashion merchandising for the last ten years. I have a degree in fashion. That was a nasty tweet and no one who is a nice person would say something like that to someone.

"I don't know him. I might have said his collection was s**t but I won't hide behind a computer screen and say it."

Yikes. We wonder if this will continue...

TOWIE airs Sundays and Wednesdays on ITV2.

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