TOWIE lovebirds Tom Pearce and Grace Andrews over already?

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TOWIE's newest lovebirds Tom Pearce and Grace Andrews may be on the rocks already, as Grace revealed she is still seeing her ex-boyfriend in last night's episode (9 July).

After Tom and Grace shared a kiss on their wine tasting date last week, we all thought the pair were going to be Essex's hot new couple.

However, Tom has now found out there's still another man in Grace's life - and he isn't very happy. Could their romance be over before it begins?

Tom Pearce on Grace and her ex, TOWIE, ITV, 9 July


Tom wasn't happy to hear Grace had been seeing both her ex and him at the same time.

Speaking to Diags and Fran Parman, Tom told his co-stars that he knew she was still involved with her ex-boyfriend as Georgia Kousoulou had spotted the ex's car outside Grace's house, while another friend told him pair are still seeing each other.

Thinking it's unfair for Grace to keep it from him, Tom said: "If she's seeing someone I should know. The fact she's saying I'm immature when she's supposedly seeing this guy and dating me at the same time, that just shows she's immature and she clearly isn't ready for anything either."

Later on in the episode, viewers saw Grace open up to pals Fran and Georgia at Leah Wright's second hen night.

Speaking about her dilemma with Tom and her ex-boyfriend, Grace said: "I really like Tom, but I feel like I'm moving on too fast with everything that's going on with my ex... I'm still talking to him. I just feel like I need to get my own head straight before I move on… it's too soon."

Grace Andrews confronts Georgia Kousoulou and Fran Parman, TOWIE, ITV, 9 July


Grace confronts pals Georgia and Fran for not being there for her.

When her friends told Grace she needed to have that same conversation with Tom, things soon got very heated!

She said: "The thing is you don't really know the ins and outs of what's been going on... if I really felt like you two girls had my back, maybe I'd feel like I could be a bit more honest with you. But I don't feel like you have.

"You both talk among yourselves about what's going on with me and the ex boyfriend... you don't understand how hard it is."

Hurt by Grace believing she is not a loyal friend, Georgia was quick to defend herself and Fran, saying: "You don't tell us anything and you expect us to read your mind!"

Georgia Kousoulou and Fran Parman, TOWIE, ITV, 9 July


Telling Grace she can't expect them to be there if she doesn't tell them anything, Georgia defends herself and Fran.

And as the situation escalated, things turned nasty with Grace telling Georgia she "couldn't trust her as far as she could throw her" and Fran accusing Grace of "loving the drama".

Now now, girls!

Having now fallen out with her best girl pals, things aren't looking too great for Grace who is yet to come face-to-face with Tom.

Let's hope things get a little better for Grace in Sunday's episode!

Catch the next episode of TOWIE this Sunday 13 July at 10pm on ITV2.

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