TOWIE's Harry Derbidge: "I'm hurt and confused by Bobby and Gemma"

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The Only Way Is Essex's Harry Derbidge has said he is "hurt and confused" by Gemma Collins and Bobby Norris "gossiping" about him.

Harry has spoken out after Sunday night's TOWIE, which saw Gemma contact Harry's ex before telling Bobby his boyfriend has been in touch with him since Marbella.

Bobby was understandably upset, and Harry later admitted to Danielle Armstrong that he's only been "80 per cent honest" with him - but he is still sad by Gemma and Bobby's behaviour.

Harry Derbidge speaks about his relationship with Bobby Norris and Gemma Collins - 1 July 2014


Speaking to the official TOWIE website after the Barbie and Ken-themed party (while still in his Ken costume), Harry said: "I'm a little bit hurt...confused...I'm actually speechless. That's the word for it. I'm really very, very speechless.

"I'm honestly so confused with it, because I love Bob and I love Gemma as a friend and I don't see why we can't all just get along.

"It's a little bit hurtful knowing that they're still talking and gossiping. But what can you do? It's Essex at the end of the day."

TOWIE's Gemma Collins talks to Bobby Norris about Harry Derbidge - 30 June 2014


"The whole situation is getting a bit frustrating because, at the end of the day, I did something wrong and I hold my hands up that I did something wrong, but I'm being made to feel very, very guilty for it."

Bobby first found out that Harry was in contact with his ex-boyfriend during the cast trip to Marbella. Later, Harry admitted he had slept with him a week into his relationship with Bobby while in Tenerife.

Since then, Bobby has said it is "time to let Harry go" - but Harry won't go without a fight.

TOWIE's Gemma Collins talks to Bobby Norris about Harry Derbidge - 30 June 2014


"The future for me and Bob is...I'm just going to fight for Bob as much as I can and prove to him how much I really do love him, want to be with him and commit to him," Harry admitted.

"At the end of the day, I've been away with the boy and I've let the boy into my family and meet all my friends. I don't do that just for random blokes on the street. I did it for Bob because I love him. I want him in my family and in my life."

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