TOWIE's Arg on Lydia drama: 'I've mastered the art of f**king up'

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TOWIE star James 'Arg' Argent has admitted he's "mastered the art of f**king things up" following his actions towards ex-girlfriend Lydia Bright in Marbella.

Just when we thought the former couple were going to put their old drama behind them and become friends, it all went a bit downhill.

TOWIE: Arg and Lydia have it out in a nightclub in Marbella.
Aired: 25 June.


Arg apologised to Lydia for drunkenly calling her after a night of clubbing.

After sharing a friendly meal on last week's episode and clearing the air, we learned this week that after dinner they hit a club – where it all went wrong.

Lydia explained to friend Jessica Wright that she bumped into a group of male friends she knew from her days working in Marbs. And Arg wasn't happy.

"He was giving me the filthiest looks. I thought I'd ignore him as he's drunk, then he left the club and called me twenty times saying, 'You better leave that club now! You have five minutes before I come back and I'll drag you out!'"

She continued: "I said, 'James, you've just come back in my life and you're my friend, not my boyfriend. I haven't done anything wrong!'

"I feel like we had a lovely meal and now we've taken two steps backwards."

Oh, Arg.

TOWIE: Lydia Bright tells Jessica Wright about Arg
Aired: 25 June.


Lydia told Jess Wright about her night with Arg.

After the show, he tweeted: "When will I learn, ay?! Seem to have mastered the art of f**king things up! Was so drunk. This is a big thing for me and can't say it's easy!"

Last week was the first time Arg and Lydia had come face-to-face in nearly two years so it's kind of understandable that Arg reacted in a slightly strange way. (We all know that feeling of meeting the ex!) Especially where there are still lingering feelings…

On last night's episode, Arg told Lydia: "I'm really embarrassed about what happened. I'm sorry. I don't know how to explain it. It's not an excuse, but I don't remember anything."

"You acted like a complete and utter lunatic!" she replied.

TOWIE: Arg and Lydia have it out in a nightclub in Marbella.
Aired: 25 June.


Arg apologises.

Arg said the only thing he can reason that happened is after their "lovely dinner", he got drunk and by the time they were at the club and she was chatting to her friends, some of those old feelings had come back.

"You can't act like my boyfriend," said Lydia.

Arg responded: "I'm sorry. It won't happen again and that's the end of it."


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