Exclusive: TOWIE's Robyn Althasen, Imogen Leaver: "We've not caused drama just yet!"

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TOWIE newbies Robyn Althasen and Imogen Leaver pose at ITV studios - 19 June.

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TOWIE newcomers Robyn Althasen and Imogen Leaver are set to make their debut on the ITV2 reality show this weekend when the brand new 12th series returns.

Kicking things off in style, the cast flew out to Marbella earlier this month to film two special episodes for the show, and upon arrival, best friends Robyn and Imogen instantly caught the attention of the boys, especially Lewis Bloor and Tom Pearce.

We grabbed a chat with model Imogen and fashion enthusiast Robyn, both 23, who fill Reveal in on what happened over in Marbs...

Tell us a bit about yourselves...

Imogen: We've been friends for about 7 or 8 years now. We went to school together. I was a geek and Robyn was like the cool kid! She was the 'It Girl' and the beautiful one, and I was like a backpack geek.

Robyn: Well, the tables have turned now haven't they?! Now you're a model!

Imogen: The line Lewis used was, 'Backpack geek to backpack chic!' That was just one of his classic, cringey one-liners!

Did you already know some of the cast before joining the show?

Imogen: I've known James 'Arg' Argent for a few years. I know Lauren Pope briefly from around the scene and new cast member Vas J. Morgan from the fashion scene too.

Robyn: I've known James 'Diags' Bennewith for a while.

So who did you get on with in Marbella?

Imogen: We got on really well with Georgia Kousoulou, Grace Andrews, Fran Parman, Ferne McCann, Lydia Bright and Lauren.

Imogen: Jess and Ricky, and Elliott and Chloe were in villas and kept themselves to themselves. I've actually known Harry for quite a while too and he was in our hotel later on because he moved out of his villa. He's a sweetheart and Bobby Norris is lovely too.

Robyn: Everyone was just really nice and welcoming.

You were both pictured hanging out with Tom Pearce and Lewis Bloor quite a bit...

Imogen: I'm in a relationship but Lewis is a charmer. He's relentless and it doesn't faze him.

Robyn: There were a few dates. It was fun. They're nice boys but you'll have to see what happens. I'm single but I'm focusing on me at the moment. If someone did come along then I'm open to anything but I've just recently come out of a relationship, so I'm just up for having a bit of fun. It'd probably be easier if I was dating someone who was on the show though.

Imogen, you appeared on Britain And Ireland's Next Top Model in 2011, how are you feeling about being on a reality show like TOWIE?

This is completely different. With BINTM l I filmed it all in a short space of time and I had three months before it aired, so I had time to digest it all. With TOWIE, you don't have time to think. It's all a blur and it's pretty fast-paced.

'The Only Way Is Essex' cast at the 'boys villa', Marbella, Spain - 11 Jun 2014.
Lewis Bloor and Tom Pearce in the swimming pool with Imogen Leaver and Robyn Althasen

© REX/Beretta/Sims

The girls spent a lot of time with Lewis and Tom in Marbs.

Did you have any reservations about joining the show?

Robyn: My family were worried because shows like this can really alter you as a person. I have to put my life onto the show and I wasn't sure that I wanted to do that. I've got my goals and I think if you're smart about it then it'll work out.

How do you think viewers will react to you on screen?

Imogen: I've cringed when I've watched myself back on television, so this could be ten times worse. You're just being yourself but you're exposing yourself to criticism from everyone and anyone who is going to judge you and your life.

What do you think you'll bring to the show?

Imogen: I think the producers wanted to bring something different to the show. It's a glam show but we're more understated.

So you've never had a vajazzle?

Both: No vajazzles!

Imogen: I didn't even know what a vajazzle was until I watched TOWIE and we're from Essex!

There's always a bit of drama on the show, are you worried that you will both get caught up in it?

Imogen: It's early days; we've not caused any drama just yet!

Robyn: Everyone says that the games have just begun. I'm apprehensive about what's going to happen but I don't see why there would be any drama.

Imogen: It's a real-life situation, and at the moment, we don't know anyone well enough to have any dislikes. Maybe they will develop, maybe they won't.

Are you both worried about getting negative comments and criticism?

Robyn: We're both laid back and we're not going to worry about any negative comments.

Imogen: It's important to us how we come across to our friends and family more than anything.

TOWIE: Ferne McCann enjoys night out with newbies Robyn Althasen and Imogen Leaver - 19 June 2014.

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Robyn and Imogen have been hanging out with Ferne since Marbs.

Find out what Robyn and Imogen's co-stars had to say about them...

Arg says: "Imogen and Robyn are both really nice girls. I've known Imogen for a little while and she's a great laugh. They're nice, attractive, proper Essex girls and they're really up for a laugh. They're really likeable and down to earth."

Ferne says: "I didn't know either of them before but I always get really excited by new characters. They're so down to earth and lovely and I really get on with them. They're just so nice and they bring a cool vibe to the show."

Catch The Only Way Is Marbella on Sunday 22 June at 10pm on ITV2.

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