Father of the Bride to get a third movie?!

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Father of the Bride could be getting a THIRD movie, if reports in the US are to believed!

Please, please make this be true!

According to NikkiFinke.com, a third outing in the Steve Martin franchise is in the works, and this one will centre on the marriage of George Banks' son, Matty.

FATHER OF THE BRIDE, Kimberly Williams, Steve Martin, 1991,

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The first Father of the Bride movie saw George Banks' daughter Annie marrying.

With eldest child Annie Banks married off and now Mrs Banks-MacKenzie, presumably still living in Boston with hubby Brian and a proud mum to baby George Jr. (well, now grown up George Jr.), it's time for George Sr. to focus on the nuptials of his youngest child.

As always in a movie, however, there's a twist.

Matty (played by Kieran Culkin in the original movies) is gay and engaged to a Navy Seal's son. According to the US report, it's a bit of a shock for George Sr., who ends up getting kicked out of the house by Nina (Diane Keaton).

Much like he did in Father of the Bride II, then…

So far, there's no official word from the studio that the movie will definitely be going ahead, or that the original cast will return, but fingers crossed it will and they'll bring back the entire gang.

Here's to hoping Franck Eggelhoffer is hired to plan the whole thing.

And let's hope that gorgeous Banks family home is still around.

Steve Martin's Father of the Bride, released in 1991, was a remake of a 1950s movie of the same name. It revolved around George Banks preparing for the surprise wedding of his only daughter Annie. And not dealing with it very well.

We, on the otherhand, loved it. Who didn't grow up hoping they'd be like Annie? Travel abroad as a student, meet a rich, handsome and successful husband who conveniently lived nearby, and marry in a fairytale ceremony with the perfect reception and the perfect gown in a perfect home in a perfect suburb.

The sequel, released four years later, saw Annie falling pregnant at the same time as George's wife Nina. And George not dealing with it very well.

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