Big Brother 2014 housemates: who is Kimberly Kisselovich?

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Kimberly Kisselovich is over on our shores from sunny California and describes herself as a real life Elle Woods from Legally Blonde as she's a Playboy Bunny with a law degree.

"Elle was a cheerleader who decided to become a lawyer and took everyone by surprise by her wit and competitive determination," she says.

Big Brother 2014: Kimberly Kisselovich

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Here are five facts:

1/ She likes to explore her sexuality and intellect. How? Maybe we'll find out in the house!

2/ Guys be warned, if you take longer to get ready than her she'll ditch you. Men fake tanning is also a no-no. And while she gets on better with men than women, she's not afraid to get into a tussle with a guy. "While studying at Oxford, I punched a preppy boy in the face for groping my ass."

3/ She would choose love over money, reasoning: "Having money without love is like having a penis with no hands." Okay...

4/ Twerking is her party trick.

5/ Like what you see from Kimberly? Then visit her Twitter page. She's created a 'wish list' allowing admirers to treat her with special gifts.

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