Geordie Shore's Vicky Pattison, Ricci Guarnaccio come to blows

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Ex On The Beach star Vicky Pattison and her former fiancé Ricci Guarnaccio finally came face to face since their messy split on last night's episode. And having been teased about their reunion for so long, the fiery couple did not disappoint…

Ex On The Beach takes a group of singletons on an exotic holiday in the hope of finding love, only for the unlucky guys and girls to be joined by their exes along the way. And for Vicky this was one particular ex she was dreading to see.

Ex On The Beach, Vicky Pattison and Ricky Guarnaccio clash, MTV - 3 June


The Vicky and Ricci showdown: The fiery couple don't hold back as they come face to face since their split.

Known for their turbulent relationship on Geordie Shore and their less than amicable split, Vicky has openly spoken about how unhappy she became whilst in a relationship with Ricci.

Although Ricci's intentions were to put things between them in the past, it seemed a less than forgiving Vicky was not so keen to make amends when the pair came face to face.

Ex On The Beach, Ricci Guarnaccio's arrival, MTV - 3 June


Ricci makes his way up the beach where his ex-fiancee Vicky waits his arrival.

Ex On The Beach, Vicky Pattison reaction to Ricci, MTV - 3 June


For an emotional Vicky, Ricci's arrival became too much for her to handle.

Bursting into tears as Ricci made his way up the beach, a shocked Vicky said to her co-stars: "What. The. Actual. F***".

Recalling that moment on the beach "like walking into hell", Ricci faced an angry Vicky who immediately told him to leave.

Not before getting a drink thrown over him, a brazen Ricci retorted back "I don't think so darling. See you haven't changed"

Ex On The Beach, Vicky Pattison and Ricci Guarnaccio clash, MTV - 3 June


Things got explosive between Vicky and Ricci as they faced off in last night's Ex On The Beach.

And when they got going, the couple certainly didn't hold back.

"All I want to do is kick his face in… He's got no craic, he's not even f****** nice to look at anymore."

"It's the biggest mistake I've ever been in…She's argumentative, violent, evil person. She's the devil."


Soon after his arrival, Ricci was quickly whisked away (good job!) on a date with fellow co-star Chloe Goodman.

Ex On The Beach, Chloe Goodman and Ricci Guarnaccio date, MTV - 3 June


Feeling judged, things were a little awkward between Ricci and Chloe at first.

Ex On The Beach, Chloe Goodman and Ricci Guarnaccio, 3 June


But the pair soon settled into their date, forgetting about the tension on the beach.

And for an emotional Vicky, the reality of the situation started to hit home.

Sobbing, Vicky explained how seeing her ex made her feel like she was back to that place a year ago where she felt a shadow of her former self.

"I can't handle this…I can't. It's not like it was a nice relationship at all, it was horrible. I've just got myself back to a place where I'm dead happy…the minute I seen him, I felt like I was back a year ago."

But luckily for Vicky, she had a very good-looking shoulder to cry on.

Already in the villa, Dan Conn, 'Fit Dan' as you may know him from series 6 of Geordie Shore, was on hand to cuddle and comfort the 26-year-old.

With the rest of the Villa already clued up about the infamous ex, Ricci was keen to find out what has been said about him.

"What hasn't been said would be an easier question!" said co-star Ash Cain.

And as Ricci tries to settle into life in the villa, we can only imagine the drama that will unravel. After all exes are exes for a reason, right?

Ooo we can't wait for next week.

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