Nadine Coyle shares new photo of adorable baby Anaíya

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Nadine Coyle has given fans another glimpse at her baby daughter Anaíya – showing the little girl has definitely inherited her mum's style!

Flashing her super long, super tanned legs, the former Girls Aloud star can be seen holding her tiny daughter while sitting on what appears to be an airport buggy.

The caption reads: "3 months, living it up. My baby."

Nadine Coyle cuddles up to daughter Anaiya in new picture, May 2014

© Instagram / @nadinecoyle

Little Anaíya is wearing a bright pink jacket and white flower headband. Too cute!

Nadine's fans were quick to send their compliments on the photo, with one joking: "You've got competition now in the beauty stakes, Nadine!"

Another said: "OMG! Like mother and daughter… 2 cuties! Love this! Take care of each other."

Nadine announced her pregnancy on New Year's Eve, and revealed her daughter's birth on 10 February, although declined to confirm exactly what date her child had been born.

She didn't even confirm the baby's name until April, when she revealed a beautiful photo of her little one alongside the name: Anaíya.

Anaíya's dad is Nadine's fiancé Jason Bell.

Nadine Coyle shares first public picture of her baby daughter Anaíya, 20 April 2014

© Instagram / nadinecoyle

The first photo.

Nadine Coyle leaving the Nordoff Robbins Boxing Dinner, held at the Lancaster Hotel.

© Will Alexander/


Nadine recently visited the UK with Anaiya, where she filmed an appearance on Michael Flatley's ITV special, which aired over the weekend.

Tweeting after the filming, Nadine, 28, said: "Great seeing you all the other day at @itv studios such a nice welcome back to work. It is like Christmas morning in here going through Anaíya's presents & cards. Thank you all. Such a lovely bunch you are."

Arriving back in the UK, she said: "Anaíya is a little jet lagged from our trip bless her wee tiny heart. We had such an amazing time in the UK."

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