Exclusive: TOWIE's Danielle Armstrong: If James cheats again, it's over for good

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The Only Way is Essex's Danielle Armstrong has kept us guessing as to whether she'll decide to take back her cheating ex-boyfriend, James Lock, but now she's making it clear - 'Cheat in Marbella and we're 100% over.'

The cast of TOWIE are due to jet off to Marbella any day now and although Danielle is currently single, she says that she still misses James, and there could be a chance for him to win her back.

Danielle Armstrong - Reveal use only

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Danielle Armstrong

But Danielle, 26, tells us exclusively - while posing for a gorgeous bikini photoshoot - that she's still worried the Essex lothario might not have learnt his lesson.

"The boy never surprises me so I don't know [if he'll chat up another girl]. I hope not.

"But he knows me and he knows how I'll react. He's been trying to get back with me from day dot since all of the cheating allegations. If he did that in front of me, they'd be no way now.

"But he's a bloke at the end of the day!"

Danielle Armstrong - Reveal use only

© Alex James

The 'cheating allegations' came to light earlier this year when model Sallie Axl claimed that James had invited her back to his hotel room in Brighton.

And after deciding to forgive his alleged indiscretion, Danielle and James 'Lockie' briefly dated again before it emerged that he reportedly had sex with My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star Danielle Mason.

But Danielle says that James has since been honest about his infidelity, because he knows that more rumours could easily surface and is eager to prove he has changed.

TOWIE's James Lock on a romantic getaway with Danielle Armstrong. (6 April).

© Twitter / @Daniarmstrong88

"He admitted that he slept with three girls when we first started dating. He didn't have to tell me but I think it got to the point where he said to himself "I have to" because people were coming out and saying different things.

"I didn't know what was the truth and what wasn't."

The Essex stylist also admits that although she's a 'girl's girl', she believes that girls often try and gain limelight by claiming they've have slept with her boyfriend.

" I would have preferred it if they had contacted me to tell me, but they don't come to me. They do it to earn money or go to the producers of the show.

"They do things to get this little bit of limelight. I know girls who have said things and they haven't been true at all."

And will be Danielle be flirting up a storm in 'Marbs'?

"It's a weird rule isn't it [whether you can see other people]? It's not that we've split up with each other and never want to see each other again, it's that we can't be in a relationship right now.

"I think all the TOWIE boys are good looking but when you've been with someone, your heart is still with that person. It might change, I don't know.

"Who's going to want to come near me when I've just been crying for the last six weeks? I feel like James has probably put a lockdown on me, telling everyone "don't go near my bird!" But listen, it's Essex. Those boys don't care. If they want to go there they will"

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