TOWIE's Gemma Collins reveals how she's lost more than a stone

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The Only Way Is Essex's Gemma Collins has lost more than a stone in weight after finally finding a diet she can stick to.

TOWIE's Gemma, who is famed for her curves, has dropped 1st 6lbs after cutting out all processed food and exercising more.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain today (27 May), the reality star also admitted that she has previously tried every single diet going - but had ended up bigger than when she started.

Gemma Collins appears at Good Morning Britain to talk weight loss - 27 May 2014

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"All my life I've done every diet, the Maple Syrup Diet, I've done dieting pills, I've done shake diets, the cabbage soup diet, the egg diet, the grapefruit diet... There's no diet I haven't done! Nothing has worked for me," Gemma admitted.

"From trying every diet and every diet pill - you just pull your hair out. If anything, after all those diets that I did, I only ever got bigger. They're not sustainable. Everyone out there wants to lose weight. It's a big, big thing in people's lives."

Revealing how she has lost weight, Gemma continued: "Basically, I thought, 'Right, I've got seven weeks off filming TOWIE - what am I going to do?'

"For me, I just thought, 'I don't want to be a fad dieter forever - what can I do to change my life?'

"The only thing that's really worked for me is cutting out all processed foods. There is so much food out there today that's high in sugar, so high in fats, salts and everything.

"When you go into a supermarket, it's cheaper to buy a readymade lasagne than it is to feed your family on fresh meats and vegetables. I think a lot of that comes into it and it's just quick on-the-go eating.

"[But] If you just take it back to basics and, yes, it's going to take longer, but if you prepare your food from scratch and cut out fizzy drinks... I know it sounds cliched, but that is what has worked for me."

Gemma added: "In six weeks, I've managed to lose 1st 6lbs, so I feel really really good right now. I've upped my exercise [and] I'm just going to keep going."

You go, girl!

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