Made In Chelsea's Andy Jordan defends "intimidating" Lucy Watson

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Made In Chelsea star Andy Jordan has defended his good friend Lucy Watson after she was accused of being "intimidating".

In a trailer for next week's episode, Binky Felstead can be seeing telling Lucy: "You are quite intimidating. You can be quite scary."

Lucy Watson argues with Rosie Fortescue and Louise Thompson in Made in Chelsea - 12 May 2014

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And earlier in last night's show, Rosie Fortescue told the star - who is known for her sharp tongue: "It's the way you've gone about some things recently and you've upset Binky too.

"Lucy, look at you, who do you think you are at the moment?"

Lucy insists that she tells it like it is to stop people getting hurt, and now her close friend Andy has jumped to her support.

Taking to Twitter this morning, Andy messaged Lucy saying: "TBH she may be brutal sometimes but @imLucyWatson is a good friend!"
Lucy then replied, saying: "Haha thanks dude x." She also told her followers: "I hate friends that tell you what you wanna hear. I appreciate the truth."

In last night's show, the drama reached fever pitch as Alex Mytton confessed to cheating on Binky on more than one occasion.

Lucy is desperate for her to walk away from the relationship, but Rosie and Louise Thompson believe she is being to harsh on Binky.

"At the end of the day, everyone needs to be there for Binky, but you have a very different way about going about it when you tell her information or whatever," Rosie said.

Lucy blasted back: "I don't want her to get f***ed over by this guy. You guys shouldn't want her to get back with Alex and you shouldn't be supporting it. It's the wrong thing to do."

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