Exclusive: MIC's Spencer Matthews addresses new bromance with co-star Andy Jordan

Published Friday, May 9 2014, 13:30 BST  |  By and Brigitte Swimer  |  Add comment
Made In Chelsea kicked off last month and fans were waiting to see how the latest rivalry between Spencer Matthews and Andy Jordan would develop, but they were in for a shock when the pair seemingly turned a new corner!

It's no secret that the boys hadn't seen eye-to-eye since Andy's arrival on the show back in series four. But in April, when series 7 returned to our screens, Spencer and Andy surprisingly moved on from their long-running feud.

Made In Chelsea's Spencer Matthews with Andy Jordan (9 April).

© Twitter / @E4Chelsea

Andy and Spencer are now good friends

The pair said they had loads in common and even agreed that most of their clashes have been over their mutual ex Louise Thompson!

Since then, the reality stars have called themselves "samesies" and even thought of the nickname 'Spandy', both of which have trended on Twitter. Spencer has previously said of their friendship: "We're teaming up. We were good versus evil and now we're just somewhere in the middle."

Their bromance seems to be developing at a rapid rate, but it's come as a surprise for some!

Made In Chelsea's Andy Jordan and Spencer Matthews - dating masterclass video. (7 April).

© YouTube / Made In Chelsea

While speaking to Spencer about his true feelings for long-time friend Caggie Dunlop, and discussing how he manages to stay friends with all of his exes, he also assured us that Spandy is in fact the real deal!

"We're good friends," Spencer told Reveal, at Binky Felstead's Being Binky book launch this week.

"I love Andy. Samsies, Spandy, hashtag Spandy! We like each other a lot. We're different people, but we get on very well."

And it seems one person who is loving their new bromance is Binky's mum Jane. She also told us: "I like Spencer, he's a bit naughty but he's very honest about his wrong-doing. I like honesty."

Made In Chelsea: Emma Miller, Spencer Matthews and Jane Felstead at Binky's book launch.
London (6 May).

© Twitter / @emmamilleruk

(Left - Right): Emma Miller, Jane Felstead, Victoria Gucci-Losio. (Bottom): Spencer Matthews.

Jane continued: "As for Andy, well he is wonderful. I adore him. He's so decent and is a lovely, genuine, honest, well brought up boy.

"If he cries, the world sees it and he bleeds. We want someone who is prepared to do that publicly. He wears his heart on his sleeve and I have utter respect for him."

Aw! Go Team Spandy!

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