Exclusive: MIC's Spencer Matthews on Stephanie Pratt: "We're just mates"

Published Wednesday, May 7 2014, 13:40 BST  |  By and Brigitte Swimer  |  Add comment
Made In Chelsea's Spencer Matthews has cleared up recent speculation about his kiss with ex girlfriend Stephanie Pratt.

In the latest episode of MIC, viewers saw Stephanie fly to Italy with Spencer and two of his fellow ex-girlfriends - Lucy Watson and Louise Thompson - as well as his current love interest Emma Miller, for a very awkward city break.

Made In Chelsea episode aired 6 May 2014.
Spencer Matthews speaks to ex Stephanie Pratt while on holiday in Venice.

© Channel 4 / Supplied by WENN

Spencer presented Stephanie with a Prada bag in Venice.

While there, Spencer apologised to Stephanie for his cheating ways and handed her a Prada handbag in an attempt to get back in her good books.

The next day, Stephanie revealed to Lucy that she and Spencer had "hooked up." After the show, Stephanie later clarified that they did not sleep together, but simply shared a "kiss".

Now Spencer tells Reveal that there's no going back where Stephanie is concerned. "We're just mates," Spencer tells us at Binky Felstead's Being Binky book launch in London last night (6 May). "It was lovely to spend time with her but it meant nothing in the scheme of things, for either of us.

Made In Chelsea episode aired 6 May 2014.
Spencer Matthews on holiday in Venice.

© Channel 4 / Supplied by WENN

"It was just a passing thing," he continues. "It wasn't like a moonlit, 'I still fancy you' kind of thing. It was a drunken, hotel corridor, lower end type of thing."

Viewers of the show will also remember that Emma was left far from impressed with Spencer and Stephanie's kiss, and left the vacation early after saying she felt "embarrassed".

Spencer now tells us that Emma wasn't shocked by his actions. "She wasn't best pleased with me in Venice, but then again, she expects these things from me, so she wasn't too bummed down by it," he says.

Spencer Matthews, Emma Miller at Binky Felstead's Being Binky - book launch party at Whisky Mist
London, United Kingdom

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Spencer and Emma left Binky's book launch together last night (6 May).

"I like Emma. We've been spending quite a lot of time together recently. We're very close. We date and go out but it's more fun at the moment. We're both cool and we know each other quite well. She knows me well, which is probably the problem, but she's a lovely, beautiful girl, who I've known for eight years and I really enjoy her company."

Spencer has built a reputation for being a love rat on the E4 reality show, having confessed to cheating while being in several of his turbulent relationships, but he says he can't help his "wandering eye".

"I'm extremely loving and extremely caring and as generous as I can possibly be, but I have a fidelity issue," he says. "I have a wandering eye and a habit of going out a lot. If I'm in a loving relationship then I like the relationship side of things but really, I prefer being single."

Made In Chelsea continues Monday 12 May on E4 at 10pm.

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