Exclusive: Chloe Sims hits back at Lauren Pope after their TOWIE fallout

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It's been quite a month for Chloe Sims! The TOWIE babe, 32, shared a passionate - and very public - kiss with Mario Falcone, 26, revealed they'd secretly dated for a month, then fell out with her best friend Lauren Pope, 31.

Here we chat exclusively to Chloe – who says her and Lauren's fallout is about much, much more than Mario.

How are things with you and Lauren now?

We're not speaking. We haven't spoken since the kiss really. Obviously we film together so there was a moment when we were in the café where I explained my reasons for not telling her. But she didn't really ask me what was actually going on, she was more concerned with why she didn't know. Then when she had said what she had to say she just stormed off.

Chloe Sims

© Ian Hooton

What did you say to her?

I fully explained the situation as calmly as I could. I said I couldn't tell her because I hadn't told Charlie. In filming we spend all of our time together as a four, so it would have been really weird if I told Lauren and Charlie was the only person who didn't know. If he wasn't my brother then obviously it would be different, but he is my brother and he's also Mario's best friend so Lauren wasn't really a priority in this. On the show it does appear like we are together all the time, but really that isn't reality. Our friendship started to grow apart before any of this even happened. It really wasn't something I felt like I had to tell her anyway.

What's been happening behind the scenes then?

I don't know why we've grown apart, I just feel like we have. There have been a few things that she's done which I've found a bit strange and her friends have been attacking me on Twitter – it's vile.

Chloe Sims

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Do you think she's jealous of you?

No I don't think she is. I just think she's very competitive. I don't think she even realises she's doing it some times. She's a sweet girl, and before this cattiness started we were genuinely really good friends. But they way she has reacted over this is just unbelievable.

Why do you think she is so annoyed about the situation with you and Mario?

I have no idea! He's never been her boyfriend and she has no feeling for him. Lauren has even gone as far as to say that she hates Mario! But now she's dumping the 'girl code' on me, I just feel like she has totally used this to her advantage making it all about her. She has made a real song and dance about it and, at the same time, gone behind my back in an attempt to make me look bad.

Chloe Sims

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Do you think she's doing it for airtime?

One hundred percent! She hasn't really done much this series, so this was her chance to get a bit of airtime and start a bit of drama and now our friendship has come to an end. It has nothing to do with Mario, if she would've rung me up and said 'I'm really angry that you've done that and not told me, you know I kissed him', my answer straight away would have been, 'You had a boyfriend when you kissed him!'

How do your family and friends feel about it?

Obviously, my friends all know the truth. Lauren knows the truth as well. This whole time, whilst she has been making all this fuss and making out I'm a bad friend, she's been seeing a footballer! If she's so happy with him, then why is she bothered about all of this with Mario? All these things that I can't say on camera just really aggravate me.

Do you feel hurt?

Yes, it's very hurtful and upsetting, but I'm also angry. I'm fuming because I want people to know the full story. Her not turning up to the wrap party was just another was of creating drama and making it about her. She's being dramatic! Woman to woman, if she was my friend, wouldn't she have come to me? But she didn't. I texted her a couple of times and she didn't reply. I even sent her a message after the scene where she stormed out and I said, 'I would never have had this out with you on camera, I would have done it in real life'.

Do you feel a bit bullied by her and her friends?

Yeah, but really, I give as good as I get! The more they keep tweeting the more I want to retaliate, that's my personality I can't help it. If someone's chucking daggers at me I'll throw them back.

Chloe Sims and Lauren Pope discuss their row about Mario Falcone - 30 March 2014


Chloe and Lauren pictured on TOWIE

How did the rest of the cast react to news you and Mario dated?

Everybody has been so supportive and happy for me; I want to say a big thank you to them all. There was nobody who really dug me out apart from Lauren and she's supposed to be my best friend.

Do you want to save the friendship?

No, not after this, I'll never be her friend again ever.

So that's it, you're moving on?

Definitely, this is the end.

Does it make you a little bit sad that you're never going to be friends again?

I think I will be for a little bit; there's a funny side to our friendship that I'll miss. It was a really good friendship; we like the same food, we like the same restaurants and we have mutual friends. That side of it will be a bit of a shame. To be honest, being friends with somebody who is so competitive is very tiring.

I think everyone thought your friendship was solid.

It was in the beginning but, looking back, I don't know. She's a really nice girl, and she's really bent over backwards for me in the past. I can't knock her as a person. But she's fallen out with all of her friends who are in the same industry. It's a pattern. She's very competitive.

'The Only Way Is Essex' TV show production stills, Britain - 16 Mar 2014
Lauren Pope, Chloe Sims, Mario Falcone and Charlie Sims

© REX/Jonathan Hordle

Lauren, Chloe, Mario and Charlie

Do you feel like she's trying to get attention?

She's quiet. She's not a loud person. But I feel that in a very subtle way she tries to make everything about her. Her ego is a problem, but I also think she's quite insecure. We are older than the rest of the girls and I don't think that helps.

Have you and Lauren been through fallouts before?

We've had little moments. Around her 30th birthday she was annoyed with me because I didn't go to her party. But at the time I'd just found out they guy I'd been on and off with for over seven years had been seeing somebody else. After that we drifted apart for about a month, and she basically said to me if I wanted to be her friend then I would have to work for it. I was willing to, because I felt bad about missing her birthday. But I'm 32 years old and I don't need this.

What's she like to work with at the moment?

The last time I saw her we didn't speak. As soon as I walked in she had a face like thunder and a really bad attitude, which made everybody else feel really uncomfortable and awkward. It was so awkward that Bobby called her over to talk about it, but she just ran off again. She doesn't want to film with me and I don't want to film with her, but at the end of the day we are making a reality TV show that shows what is actually going on and this means you have to do things you don't really want to do. But getting up and walking out twice is so dramatic, I haven't killed anyone.

In one episode of TOWIE, she cornered Mario and said he was seeing somebody else at the same time as he was dating you, and he'd also met up with Lucy. Did you know already know about this?

Yes I did. I don't think Lauren realised how close Mario and I actually are. When we said we were seeing each other for a month, it doesn't mean we were seeing each other every day. I feel like that was a really low blow from Lauren - it didn't come from the heart, she was just being spiteful. I was dating somebody else too and she knows that. Mario is entitled to speak to Lucy, they were together for a long time and I'm pretty sure he still loves her. I still have love for my ex, I'm not bitter about it but unfortunately it's just life.

Chloe Sims - The Only Way Is Essex' wrap party - 2 April 2014

© Instagram / chloe_simsstarship

Chloe with Mario

Is it true that you've been dating a friend of Tom Pearce?

Yes, that's true, and Mario knew. It's like Lauren is trying to bring Mario down by making him look like a cheat, whilst also bringing me down by making me look like a bad friend.

So you don't think that she had your back in that situation?

If she had my back, why didn't she ring me? It was a very manipulative thing to do. She said it on national television to Mario so that people would be like, 'oh she's such a good friend and Chloe has been so terrible to her!'.

Do you think she still has feelings for Mario?

No, I know she hasn't.

Was Mario jealous when you met up with Tom Pearce's friend?

I don't think so, he didn't act jealous. He brought it up a few times, but if anyone was more jealous it was definitely me. Mario and I have a bit of banter, we wind each other up all the time. Neither of us really had the right to comment on each other's love life because we didn't get to that stage. It would have been nice to get to that stage, but when it all came out we didn't have a chance!

Why do you think that is?

There are just too many opinions - everybody gets involved. As soon as you say it out loud then it has to be a relationship! It's not a nice situation; I didn't handle it very well. I didn't handle it as well as him. When I found out about him seeing other girls I was upset.

Mario goes round to Chloes to talk about their secret romance on 'The Only Way Is Essex', shown on ITV2 HD, aired 26 March 2014


Chloe with Mario on TOWIE

Was it Mario's idea to keep it a secret or did you both want to do that?

Mario said he thought it would be best to keep things quiet, because he didn't think my brother Charlie would react very well. But I knew that Charlie would be fine - he was never going to be over the moon, but he would just want us both to be happy. I actually introduced Charlie and Mario. I've known Mario longer, so I didn't feel like I had to ask anyone's permission to go out with him.

What was your time with Mario like away from the cameras?

It was all very quick. The first few times that we were together it was really funny and we got on really well. But as time went on there were stresses with people not knowing, which was difficult. I haven't had to deal with that before. I think it's actually a very hard thing to date someone in the public eye. There's always someone waiting to give you bad news.

Mario Falcone and Chloe Sims kiss outside Funky Buddha 18 March 2014


Chloe and Mario kissing on March 18

What was he like behind closed doors? Is private Mario different?

Massively! I think people saw that when he went on Big Brother. When people write about him in the tabloids they just write love rat and lothario, but I don't think he is like that.

You mentioned earlier that you think he does still love Lucy, do you think there's a chance they will get back together?

I don't know. He's quite firm in saying they haven't got any unfinished business. There has been a lot of water under the bridge and they would both have to be very strong to overcome what they've put each other through. I really don't know whether it would work out for them, but it's a love story and if they did work it out I'd be really happy for them.

TOWIE finale: Lucy Mecklenburgh and Mario Falcone make up, 10 July 2013

© ITV / Screengrab

Lucy with Mario on TOWIE

Lucy has publically said she think's you're too old for Mario…

She's obviously going to go for the age thing, because there isn't much else she can say. But I am 32 not 52! Lucy has every right to be a bit annoyed about it, but I don't have a bad word to say about her.

Lucy has also said that she thinks the relationship between you and Mario was false…

I can only say how I felt, and how he was around me. My feelings were genuine.

She also commented on you being a mum and said Mario wouldn't be ready to be a stepdad…

It's a huge responsibility and I'm not the kind of girl who would introduce anybody into my daughter's life as a boyfriend before it was really serious. I have a beautiful daughter and she comes before any man. If I met the right person they would have to accept that she would always come first. But lets not forget I've known Mario for three years and he has met my daughter a million times.

Reveal magazine issue 14, 2014
Do you think Lucy still has a soft spot for Mario?

I think she definitely does. There is no woman out there that can deny that they still have some kind of feeling towards their ex. But I did think Mark Wright was her first love.

Would you ever consider leaving the show?

I have my moments, but I have no reason to leave. It has made my life what it is today. I'm not a millionaire yet, but I'm more comfortable than before I went on the show.

Apparently Elliot Wright has a thing for you…

Elliot is a friend. He's a gentleman. There was a rumour going around about us but it was absolutely false.

Did you ever kiss?

No! That was the false rumour!

Would you ever date him?

I'm single and I think he's a very nice guy, but he hasn't asked me on a date!

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