TOWIE's Lockie goes all Richard Gere to woo Danielle Armstrong back

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TOWIE star James Lock will make another attempt to win back Danielle Armstrong on the season finale of the ITV2 show.

Fans have watched Lockie and Danielle's relationship crumble in recent weeks after he admitted to sleeping with three other women before he and Danielle were an "official" couple.

TOWIE's James Lock tries to woo Danielle Armstrong back on finale, airs 2 April 2014


There was also a photo floating around the internet showing a shirtless Lockie standing next to a glamour model, although he said nothing happened between them.

On tonight's series finale, the reality star makes a grand gesture to woo Danielle back, arriving at her front door in a pink limousine and wielding a bunch of red flowers.

Very impressive. Very Pretty Woman.

TOWIE's James Lock tries to woo Danielle Armstrong back on finale, airs 2 April 2014


James is hoping to escort Danielle to Jessica Wright and Ricky Rayment's prince and princess-themed finale party – but will she accept?

On the penultimate episode of the Essex-based drama, we saw Lockie sending Danielle a beautiful bouquet of flowers alongside a heartfelt (and sweary) love letter, in which he admitted he'd been wrong but said he was desperate to get her back.

"I didn't want to let myself have strong feelings for you as it did scare me that you might f**k me off again. I know it's not a good excuse but it's why I slept with those girls," he wrote. "Even when we did make it official I still felt unsure and you made me feel a little bit vulnerable."

TOWIE girls listen as Danielle Armstrong talks to James Lock on phone, airs 2 April 2014


Ferne, Sam, Gemma and Billie listen as Danielle chats to Lockie on the phone.

He added: "These last few weeks have been so stressful and I'm so sorry this has all been because of my stupid ways. All I want now is for us to wipe the slate clean, start again and have the chance to prove to you I'm the boyfriend you want. I know how good we are together and not many people can say they're in love with their best friend."

Danielle later admitted that the part about being in love with a best friend had made her a "little upset" and she had want to cuddle Lockie afterwards – but it wasn't enough to win her trust back.

James Lock and Danielle Armstrong speak on TOWIE - 26 mARCH 2014


Danielle has been left confused by the Lockie situation.

She told her friends in the episode that although it had taken Lockie a lot to write that letter, she still felt it wasn't enough and was telling herself to stay strong.

Ooh. We wonder what will happen tonight! The TOWIE season finale airs Wednesday, 2 April at 10pm on ITV2.

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