Louis Theroux: Jennifer Aniston's lovely, I hope she does marry Justin

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Louis Theroux has said he hopes cousin Justin Theroux does marry Jennifer Aniston.

Former Friends star Jennifer became engaged to actor Justin in August 2012, and ever since the very private couple have been faced with constant speculation about when, where or if they'll ever tie the knot.

Appearing on ITV's Lorraine earlier today, documentary maker Louis, who now lives in Los Angeles, was asked by Lorraine Kelly if he'd bought his gift for the wedding yet.

Louis Theroux appearing on ITV's Lorraine, London, 20 March 2014


Louis appearing on ITV's Lorraine on 20 March.

Staying quite coy, Louis replied: "I haven't bought one yet. I hope I don't get caught short! I've been around to see them a few times and I'm very close to my cousin.

"Jennifer seems like a lovely person. I hope they do married and invite me. I don't want them to get married and not invite me!"

Louis revealed he'd moved to LA with his wife and children more than a year ago, saying his wife had wanted to escape the British weather and they'd figured their kids - aged six and eight - were young enough to adapt.

While over there, he's been working on a new BBC documentary series about the city, Louis Theroux's LA Stories. The first episode, City of Dogs, airs Sunday, 23 March on BBC Two.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux out and about, New York, America - 11 Mar 2014

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Jennifer and Justin out together on 11 March.

The first episode sees Louis venture into one of the city's toughest neighbourhoods to look at how neglected, abandoned and dangerous dogs roam the streets or suffer mistreatment at home. He'll join a dog catcher to see how dogs are seized, and also meet the people working to rehabilitate dogs.

Other episodes will explore the LA health care system and how the city deals with sex offenders after their release.

"It was, I suppose, an attempt to look at life on the dark side as well as on the light side. LA is well known as the capital of glamour and so forth, but it's also a very fragmented and divided society," said Louis. "It has a lot of poor people struggling to make end's meet... This has been a real adventure."

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