TOWIE's Danielle Armstrong dumps James Lock after cheat allegations

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TOWIE's Danielle Armstrong has dumped boyfriend and co-star James Lock after those messy cheating allegations.

Viewers have seen blonde Danielle in tears and confused in recent episodes after rumours surfaced that James had been unfaithful – rumours that he has denied.

TOWIE episode aired 19 March 2014, still, Danielle Armstrong


Danielle was in tears as she discussed the cheating allegations with Ferne McCann.

At first, it appeared she was going to stick by him – going so far as deleting the phone number of a woman who could have told her exactly what was going on.

But then, on last night's episode, we saw Danielle drop the bombshell that she'd ended their relationship, sparked after a picture emerged online showing a topless Lockie posing alongside another girl.

Danielle told him: "This picture is you with your top off with some girl who looks like a glamour girl. At the minute I feel humiliated. I've been loyal to you, stood by you with these cheating allegations; I've fallen out with Gemma and Bobby over you. Now this picture tweet has come out. I bet they're laughing. Do you know how stupid I feel? You mugged me off."

TOWIE episode aired 19 March 2014, still, Danielle Armstrong


Later in the episode, Danielle decided to dump James.

James retaliated by saying: "I think you're blowing this out of proportion. I'm wrong and hold my hands up, I shouldn't have put myself in that position, but I don't think we should ruin what we've got."

Danielle, however, wasn't budging: "I really can't be bothered with this. I'm so done with this relationship. It's a joke. I'm stressed, I'm drained."

We'd kind of seen it coming as earlier in the episode she'd told co-star Ferne McCann she was feeling "so stressed" by the situation, breaking down in tears while they chatted on the street.

TOWIE episode aired 19 March 2014, still, James Lock


Lockie told Danielle they shouldn't throw away what they have.

And she'd hinted at a split on Twitter before the episode aired when she told fans: "I'm not sticking up for him one bit I'm heartbroken! If u watch tonight's episode u will all see!!!"

Later on in the episode, Danielle apologised to Gemma for jibes she'd made during their last row, and broke the news that she'd dumped Lockie.

"I feel awful, I said things I regret and shouldn't have said, mainly the comment about your weight," she told Gemma. "It was like my relationship was the local gossip and a bit of fun. I was out of order, massively out of order.

TOWIE episode aired 19 March 2014, still, Danielle Armstrong


Danielle admitted to Gemma and Bobby that she felt very alone.

James, meanwhile, told co-star Dan Osborne: "She didn't even give me a chance to explain, basically came in, told me what's what and f**ked off."

Will he manage to win her back? Or is it over for good? TOWIE continues Sunday night on ITV2.
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