Pregnant Katie Piper makes McDonald's dash to satisfy her cravings!

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Pregnant Katie Piper made a late night dash last night after being struck by cravings - for McDonald's!

Katie, who is expecting her first baby, was at home relaxing in her pyjamas when she had the sudden urge to chow down on some yummy fast food.

Pregnant Katie Piper dashes to McDonald's - 2 March 2014

© Twitter / @katiepiper_

Despite the fact that it was chucking it down outside, Katie's doting partner James drove her to the nearest drive-tru to get some munch. Aww, that's love!

Katie shared a funny picture of herself sat clutching her Maccy Ds in the passenger seat with her fans on Instagram, and she couldn't have looked happier!

Alongside it, she commented: "So we just got out of our bed and went out in our pyjamas in the pouring rain, petrol on red to go the drive thru McDonald's!"

She added: "Now mission to get back before Towie starts!"

Pregnant Katie Piper cycles to the shop to satisfy her cravings - 26 Jan 2014

© Instagram / katiepiper_

Katie jumped on her bike in January

Katie is due to give birth to her baby girl any day now and this is not the first time she has dashed out for snacks during her pregnancy.

In January, Katie hopped on her bike at night and pedalled to the local shop to grab some Space Raider crisps and chocolate.

Not long to go now, Katie!

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