Exclusive: Big Reunion's Kenzie: "I have so much respect for... Andi Peters!"

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Big Reunion star Kenzie has now stepped back into the spotlight more than a decade after he first found fame with boy band Blazin' Squad.

At 28 years old, Kenzie is a mature father-of-one who has grown up and beefed up - a far cry from the boy he was when he and his classmates were in the charts.

Coincidentally, and bizarrely, Kenzie - real name James McKenzie - says he owes a lot to former kids' TV presenter Andi Peters, who now does the voiceover on The Big Reunion.

Shoot with Kenzie and his girlfriend and their little daughter

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Speaking to Reveal, Kenzie says: "I have so much respect for Andi Peters. He was one of the only people who could control all of us back in the day.

"I'll be the first to admit that we were hard to control and were rowdy.

"When you're young, your head is all over the place, but he worked wonders for us. Andi basically media trained me when I was still in school."

'Lorraine Live' TV Programme, London, Britain - 04 Oct 2013
Andi Peters

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Kenzie adds: "He used to send cars for us after school and we'd be driven to Kensington High Street in London where our record label was.

"Andi would be there and would be like, 'Take your chewing gum out, don't call me mate'. Obviously my media training paid off!

"We had so much respect for him. The geeza is wicked. Plus, he had a great Mercedes!"


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Now back in the spotlight, Kenzie has formed a band - 5th Story - with Dane Bowers, Gareth Gates, Adam Rickitt and Kavana for The Big Reunion.

But rather than get ahead of himself, this time Kenzie is more level-headed: "I don't know how my career will pan out from here," he adds.

"This time around I'm taking each day as it comes. It's looking positive but I've been here before and know not everything is set in stone."

5th Story: The Big Reunion 2014


Given the response to last week's Big Reunion, we think Kenzie will be fine!

While we had Kenzie, we thought we'd get to know him a bit better...

My worst fashion faux pas...was the 'Crossroads' shirt, of course, It was tie-dye. It looked like something I'd made in home economics.

Most embarrassing moment... was the 'Crossroads' shirt!

If I was putting together my own group, my dream band mates would be...Gareth Gates, Dane Bowers, Adam Rickitt and Kavana!

My guilty pleasure is... the Backstreet Boys. I love them. I shouldn't actually feel guilty - they're the best pop group ever. 'As Long As You Love Me' is my favourite Backstreet Boys song.

Mark Wright chats to Kenzie on The Big Reunion - 20 Feb 2014


Kenzie is good friends with former TOWIE star Mark Wright

My earliest memory is... being in playschool. I remember sitting in a circle and the teacher coming up and talking to me. I think I'd been cheeky.

Reveal issue 08 2014 cover. On sale 25 Feb 2014
My best holiday... was probably when I went to Cuba with my girlfriend Frankie. I also had a great holiday in Dubai with Mark Wright and Arg (Marg) from TOWIE.

I get angry when... people bully others. It's not from personal experience but I have a massive problem with bullying. I don't like it one bit.

'm my happiest when... I'm with my family, when I'm DJ'ing and when I'm performing with 5th Story.

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Check out Kenzie's 'Crossroads' shirt in the band's video below: