Josie Gibson: "Living with Luke Sanwo after four weeks was brilliant!"

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Josie Gibson looked bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning as she arrived for an appearance on Daybreak.

Josie was taking part in a discussion about how soon someone should move in with their partner - as she shacked up with boyfriend Luke Sanwo after just four weeks of dating!

Josie Gibson outside the ITV Studios - 20 February 2014

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The former Big Brother winner was definitely pro a whirlwind romance and described her relationship with plumber Luke as "brilliant".

Josie, from Bristol, said: "We've been together nearly three years now and haven't looked back. It's been brilliant.

"But I did find out a few things about him before I moved in; I found out he was good at DIY, he was a plumber and he was tidy - so he marked all the boxes!

"I do find it's easier when there's two of you. And they help with the bills."

Josie Gibson and Luke Sanwo

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Josie and Luke

Josie was joined on the Daybreak sofa by author and journalist Helen Croydon, who said she would much rather live with friends than a man.

But Josie continued: "Me and Luke are mates - he is my best mate. I've mothered them a few times but not this one - he fathers me!"

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