Antony Costa: "Lee Ryan's been engaged more times than a switchboard!"

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Blue's Antony Costa has revealed that bandmate Lee Ryan has a history of being indecisive in love and has been engaged "more times than a switchboard".

Earlier today (29 January), Lee appeared on ITV's This Morning with fellow Blue members Antony, Simon Webbe and Duncan James and the foursome touched on his turbulent love life, particularly in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

During his time on the popular Channel 5 show, Lee got up to a lot of mischief that attracted a fair amount of attention.

Lee Ryan outside the ITV studios - 29 January 2014

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As well as becoming embroiled in a confusing love triangle with glamour model Casey Batchelor and American actress Jasmine Waltz, Lee also made a surprise announcement that he has been intimate with a man.

This came as news to bandmate Antony, who said today: "I've known him for 16 years and I only found out on TV... I'm like cheers Lee! But if you don't know Lee, he wears his heart on his sleeve, he does fall in love easily, he's had many relationships come and go... he's been engaged more times than a switchboard!"

After revealing his past experience with a man, Lee was then rumoured to have slept with his bisexual bandmate Duncan. However, the speculation was quickly dismissed by both stars.

Blue - Antony Costa, Simon Webbe, Duncan James, Lee Ryan - appear on This Morning, 29.1.2014

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But earlier today, Lee explained why he'd felt the need to speak out in the CBB house, saying: "Ollie [Locke] was sitting there being uncomfortable with his sexuality and almost feeling guilty and I didn't understand that.

"We were talking about whether people had slept with men or women and I thought I was just going to say it because I really don't care, and I've never come out of my personal life and said that and I knew it'd get picked up.

"But I thought if I don't care, you shouldn't care. And that's why I said it."

While on This Morning, the 30-year-old singer also insisted that he and Jasmine are now on good terms again.

He said: "Yeah. We're fine. Absolutely fine... we're good. I've explained it, she understands the pressures of the house, I've said sorry."

Stateside residing Jasmine was left hurt and angry recently, as she watched Lee grow close to Casey in the Celebrity Big Brother house after she was evicted.

Jasmine Waltz re-enters the house and confronts Lee Ryan and Casey Batchelor, 25 January

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Lee and Jasmine have now apparently settled their differences

But Lee has claimed numerous times that he and Casey are nothing more than friends - something that he reiterated once again today.

"I did have these genuine feelings for Jasmine and with Casey I just wanted to be her mate," he explained. "I'd just never met a girl like that, we had so much banter that I got on really well with. We got on really well and she even said the same.

"I don't think before I speak and I am the first to put my hands up to say that. I literally do go by my emotions... but the way I felt about Jasmine, it wasn't made up, we had this connection with each other.

"And I just went in there to have fun, I'm a single lad, I can just mess around, Casey understands... but then I actually met someone that I really liked and I tried to tell Casey, but she didn't want to hear it if I'm honest."

Earlier this week, Lee admitted that he is still scarred from a previous relationship and this is why he found it difficult to commit to just one of the women in the house.

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