CBB's Ollie Locke: "Luisa Zissman is not a bully, she's opinionated"

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Celebrity Big Brother's Ollie Locke has clarified his stance on Luisa Zissman, saying he believes she is "opinionated" after previously claiming to have felt bullied by her.

Runner-up on The Apprentice, Luisa was seen teasing Ollie yesterday (23 January) for over explaining himself with regards to the recent nominations.

Ollie felt the need to stand up himself when housemates Linda Nolan and Lee Ryan nominated him for eviction, but Luisa found his explanation self indulgent and unnecessary.

Celebrity Big Brother - aired 23 January 2014.
Ollie Locke argues with Luisa Zissman.

© Channel 5

She was then heard mocking Ollie during a chat with Linda in the bedroom - something which left the Made In Chelsea star annoyed and noticeably upset.

In his distraught state, Ollie then told Jim Davidson and Casey Batchelor that he felt he was being bullied for speaking out about his nominations.

However, he has since cleared things up with Big Brother and taken back his bullying accusation.

Speaking to housemate Dappy in an episode that has yet to be aired, Ollie said: "I went to Big Brother and discussed calling [Luisa] a bully. She's not a bully, she's just f*cking opinionated.

"She's a pain in the a*se sometimes, but she's not a bully. She hasn't sat there and bullied me. She's opinionated but I do love her to bits."

Celebrity Big Brother - aired 23 January 2014.
Luisa Zissman argues with Ollie

© Channel 5

Ollie then dismissed his bullying claim as simply a result of him being caught up in the moment.

"We all have our arguments and we say rash stuff."

He added: "We're fine, [Luisa and I] had a conversation and discussed it. I have no idea what's going to happen now but I just hope we'll get over over problems."

Luisa will face eviction tonight (24 January) along with Ollie, as well as Linda, Lee and Jim.

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