Exclusive: Mr Selfridge's Gregory Fitoussi: Jeremy Piven is 'nicer than expected'

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They say you should never meet your idol but Gregory Fitoussi has been blown away by his Mr Selfridge co-star, Jeremy Piven.

Gregory Fitoussi, Mr Selfridge, 2014

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The hunky Frenchman - who plays window dresser Henri Leclair, tells Reveal he was a 'big fan' of Jeremy - who plays Ari Gold in US series Entourage - before working with him.

Gregory, 37, says: "When I watched Entourage, I thought Jeremy was amazing but, like all the people you admire, you worry that when you meet them they won't be how you expected.

"They say not to meet your idols but luckily, Jeremy was just perfect. He didn't disappoint - in fact, he was nicer than I was expecting."

The pair are back together again for the second series of Mr Selfridge - and they have quite a bromance going on!

Jeremy Piven and Gregory Fitoussi star in ITV's Mr Selfridge, 2014

© ITV / Rex Features

"We have a very close relationship" says Gregory. "We are always really excited to have scenes together.

"Sometimes, especially in this job, you develop a very competitive relationship with others, but that's not the case with Jeremy.

Reveal magazine cover, issue four, 2014
"He's this big star and I was relatively unknown, but he welcomed me on the show and really helped me, so I appreciate that."

Fans of Mr Selfridge were devastated when Henri Leclair packed his designer suitcase and jetted off to New York at the end of the last series.

Gregory says: "Henri Leclair is a man who really likes women but, at the same time, he is also very respectful of them, which is why he's popular.

"Back in the day, I guess guys like that could exist - I don't know if that's the case anymore!

"Henri is a lover, and when he falls in love it's for real. So I guess that means he's a guy who's going to suffer!"


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