TOWIE's Bobby Norris and Gemma Collins: Friendship over?

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The Only Way Is Essex's Bobby Norris appears to have terminated his friendship with BFF Gemma Collins.

Last night (11 December), TOWIE viewers saw Bobby and Gemma have an almighty row after he agreed to do a good deed and offer makeovers to pensioners in a rest home.

However, because Bobby visited the elderly women with Chloe Sims and Lauren Pope, Gemma fell out with him, branding him, "Botox without backbone". Ouch!

Gemma Collins and Bobby Norris argue in the festive special of The Only Way is Essexmas.


Bobby has today taken to Twitter to defend his actions, while also accusing Gemma of not being loyal to him.

Referring to the TOWIE Vegas special, which saw Bobby stick up for Gemma when Arg claimed they'd slept together, he blasted: "To do this after all the loyalty I showed you in Vegas has shown me your true colours.."

Earlier, he had tweeted: "I can't believe how somebody can purposely make another person (who has been nothing but loyal to them) feel so low intentionally.. #nasty.

"How can anyone with a heart turn down a request to help the elderly at Christmas?"

TOWIE's Bobby Norris and Gemma Collins row in The Only Way Is Essexmas - 11 December 2013


Bobby also ranted: "Can't believe that's what you get for being so loyal to somebody and there for them throughout all their turbulent relationship troubles.."

It's not entirely clear why Gemma dislikes Chloe and Lauren so much, however she said on the ITV2 show that her loyalties lie with Billie Faiers - who Chloe fell out with earlier this year.

On The Only Way Is Essexmas, she told Bobby: "Answer me why you think it's acceptable to go off with a person that's been rude to your best friend when she's done nothing to her."

TOWIE's Bobby Norris and Gemma Collins row in The Only Way Is Essexmas - 11 December 2013


She then accused him of being "all botox and no backbone".

Gemma has also tweeted about their feud today, telling fans that there is more to the story which they haven't been shown. Perhaps something mega happened while the series was off air?

"I was happy for Bobby to do a good dead for Christmas and help the elderly but if you knew the full truth of the in between situation you would see my point," she told her followers.

"I wasn't trying to stop Bobby from helping the elderly but the in between stuff is vital to the story but you haven't seen it!"

TOWIE's Bobby Norris and Gemma Collins row in The Only Way Is Essexmas - 11 December 2013


She added: "I am a very good person, I know this, I give 6 bags of clothes to charity every month and money so I know I am 100% loyal, but not everyone is as they seem always x"

Now now, guys! We love watching Bobby and Gemma together so hope they patch up their differences soon!

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