X Factor's Sam Bailey: "I'm not going back to the prison service!"

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The X Factor's Sam Bailey has revealed that she won't be going back to her day job as a prison officer once the ITV show has finished.

Sam, 35, has now made it through to the semi-final of the popular singing competition and is ready to sing her heart out this Saturday night (7 December), in a bid to save her place once again and have a shot at being crowned winner of The X Factor next weekend.

But whether she wins or not, Sam will not be returning to the prison in Leicestershire where she has made a living for years.

Sam Bailey at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year Awards 2013 - London, 5.12.2013

© WENN / Lia Toby

Sam looked stunning at the Cosmo awards ceremony

Speaking at The Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women Of The Year Awards 2013 With Vauxhall Adam last night (5 December) in London, the songstress told Reveal: "I'm definitely going to pursue a career in singing now. The prison service has probably got a good idea that I won't be going back.

"To be honest, I do love my job as a prison officer and I do want to have some sort of link with the prison service still. I'm looking at what I can do now for them, maybe charity, fundraising or something because that job made me assertive and thick-skinned, which you need to be in the entertainment business."

Mother-of-two Sam also credits her time as a prison officer as preparing her for the trials and tribulations of fame - something which she believes sets her apart from the younger X Factor hopefuls.

"I definitely think I'm more prepared for the industry than the younger singers in the competition", she added.

Although she has received a great deal of support on the show and constantly blows viewers away with her powerful voice each weekend, Sam is trying not to focus on the X Factor final just yet.

"These guys at X Factor are telling me all these amazing things they're going to do for the final and I'm like, 'But I might not get there'," she said yesterday. "I don't want to concentrate on the final, I want to concentrate on this weekend. If I get through, on Monday I'll be jumping through the walls. My goal is just to get through this week. I'm not thinking about winning yet."

Mollie King from The Saturdays meets Sam Bailey from X Factor, 7 October 2013

© Twitter / @molliethesats

Sam has been taking lots of pictures during her X Factor journey - pictured above with Mollie King

In fact, Sam appears to be preparing herself for the worst - just in case.

"I don't know what I'm doing tomorrow, let alone what I'm doing in six months time, so I don't really have that concept of looking forward in time," she continued. "I don't know where I'm going to be and that's why I take so many pictures, because it all could end tomorrow.

"You've seen it happen before with people becoming famous off the back of a show like this and then you never hear from them again. I'm just building memories and taking it week by week. I think it's more about being a realist than being optimistic because at the end of the day, I've got to do what I've got to do and it's in the public's hands. It's down to the public, I don't have any say."

However, the Leicestershire lady does think that if she is eventually crowned winner of The X Factor, it might change viewers' perceptions of the Overs category.

She said: "Maybe this will be the year that things change and an Over actually wins the competition, which hasn't happened since the first year. Maybe if I win it, it will prove that an Over can do well for themselves. I want to change that perception.

"Cher, Madonna and Celine Dion are all still going, why can't I do it?"

Lorna Simpson, Sam Bailey and Shelley Smith with Sharon Osbourne and Lorraine Kelly
7 Oct 2013

© Rex Features / Steve Meddle

Sam is the last remaining act in Sharon Osbourne's Overs category

Sam lives in the Midlands with her husband and their two children Brooke, eight, and Tommy, four, who are rooting for a couple of other X Factor hopefuls, instead of solely supporting their mum.

"They are big fans of Nicholas McDonald and Luke Friend," Sam admitted. "They're Skyping me at night and asking where Nicholas and Luke are.

"They love me being on the show and have been asking me to get them autographs. I don't mind if they're not missing me because then I know that at least they're quite relaxed about me doing this. I'm the one that is struggling, not them!"

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