Jennifer Aniston is pregnant with triplets and wears a wig?!

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Jennifer Aniston is heavily pregnant with triplets and, more importantly, her gorgeous golden mane is a wig!

The media world was shocked to its very core when security videos from Jennifer's home were leaked depicting the actress as a pampered diva, forgetting the names of assistants and crashing sports cars.

Update: We've just heard that this video is a spoof...and is in fact a new commercial for SmartWater.

Jennifer Aniston smartwater commercial

© smartwater

In one of the best examples of a celebrity poking fun at themselves, Jennifer makes fun of a series of things including her exercise regime and her famous locks.

In one scene, the 43-year-old, who is known for her love of exercise and yoga, is seen 'working out' – that is, being lifted by four burly men.

But apparently that body is all fake as she removes an industrial strength girdle to reveal a huge baby bump!

Jennifer Aniston smartwater commercial

© smartwater

Jen caresses her stomach, cooing: 'How are my little triplets doing?'

There is even a cameo from US chat show host Jimmy Kimmel as... her son! Her secret son, that is – as he moans, 'You always make me hide. I think you're ashamed of me!'

Perhaps the best joke of all comes at the expense of Jennifer's world-famous hair, which is in fact a wig!

Before going to bed she says, 'Goodnight, Rachel' in the mirror as she removes her perfect blonde tresses to reveal dark frizzy pigtails!

Jennifer Aniston smartwater commercial

© smartwater

You have to give credit to the Friends actress – after all her 'heartache' she can still take a joke.

Watch the full spoof video below:

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