Exclusive: Lucy Mecklenburgh talks Tumble training: "It's given me a great bum!"

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Lucy Mecklenburgh has revealed the real reason she's loving training for Tumble - it's given her a Kim Kardashian-worthy bum!

We chatted with the former TOWIE star yesterday (28 August) at the launch of her new Christmas gift set collection for fake tan brand Sunkissed, held at the rather swanky Ham Yard Hotel in London's West End.

Lucy emerged from her dressing room looking totally amazing in a printed Peter Pilotto dress and nude Jimmy Choo heels, along with perfectly-applied smoky eyes and flawless skin. Pretty impressive seeing as she'd just endured a gruelling five hours of Tumble training - and a slight painful mishap!

"I've got a black eye under my make-up!" she laughed. "I did a somersault yesterday and kneed myself in the face. My coach said, "You won't do that again, will you!"

Lucy Mecklenburgh poses as the face of Sunkissed fake tan - June 2014

© Sunkissed

Lucy - who turned 23 earlier this month - has been donning the tiniest leotards while shooting the show and showing off her flawless new skills.

And as the brand ambassador for Sunkissed, it's understandable she likes to add a glow to her limbs before taking to the cameras. It's even in her schedule!

"I tan two days before and then again the night before the show," she explained. "The show recommends we do it!

"Some people go for spray tans but I prefer to go home and do it myself. During training, I'll just curl my lashes and wear waterproof mascara, just so I've got something on while on camera. I just sweat the whole time during training!"

Keeping your tan topped up and patch-free while exercising every day can be a tricky task, but Lucy says regular exfoliation is key.

"Don't keep putting more tan on, exfoliate it off with Sunkissed Exfoliating Tan Remover, £3.99, and then re-do it," she recommended. "And keep moisturising twice a day when you have fake tan on as it will stop the scaly smears."

Lucy Mecklenburgh poses as the face of Sunkissed fake tan - August 2014

© Sunkissed

With her intense training regime Lucy's also had to up her food intake, with the starlet saying: "We burn so many calories so we have to take in much more, including more protein. I'm trying to have a green juice every day and drink more water. I also have a bigger breakfast before training.

"At the moment, I have eggs with ham or turkey and some vegetables like broccoli or spinach, which I know sounds weird, but then I've got all my goodness in before I train."

Telling us more about her healthy diet, the pretty brunette said: "I think something like a healthy fry-up for breakfast is much nicer than a bowl of cereal. Then for lunch I might have sushi, salad or fish like salmon - I just make sure I change it up. It would be boring if I just bought chicken every day! And I try to stay away from white carbs."

Lucy Mecklenburgh takes an Instagram picture while training for Tumble - 22 August 2014

© Instagram / @lucymeck1

At the moment Lucy trains for five hours a day to prepare for the live shows.

Lucy also explained how she'd never even managed to do a roly-poly before the show, let alone pull off a somersault, so it's understandable she was filled with nerves on the first week.

"I was a mess. But you just have to tell yourself to enjoy it. If you're smiling, even if something goes wrong, everyone will just be looking at your smile. So that's what I did in week two, I just thought, "If this is my last week then I'm going to try to enjoy it." I also always have a peppermint tea before I go on... and take a few deep breaths!"

She seems pretty smitten with her fellow Tumble co-stars too, with boutique owner saying: "We're all really good friends, we're like a big family. I love Amelle [Berrabah] and Sarah [Harding], and I actually really like Carl Froch, he's wicked. He's so down to earth. H [Ian 'H' Watkins] is lovely too. And I love Alex Jones the presenter, we get on really well.

"We all go out for a couple of drinks after the show on Saturdays. Everyone likes a dance, to show off what they can do in the bar afterwards. It's just like a normal night out!"

Lucy Mecklenburgh takes an Instagram picture before appearing on Tumble - 23 August 2014

© Instagram / @lucymeck1

Lucy poses backstage with her Tumble co-stars.

And Luce has had plenty of encouragement from her Essex pals too. "All the TOWIE lot are really supportive," she said. "Sam [Faiers] and Lydia [Bright] are coming to watch me this week [30 August]. I wanted them to watch last week because it was a bit of an Essex-inspired routine, but they were away. They'll be cheering me on, I've told them they have to bring banners and everything!"

So, will she continue her new hobby when the show is over?

"I hope so, I want to!" she gushed. "It's completely changed my body shape and I love it. It's the only thing that has given me a bum! I'd tried everything, but it's the only thing that has made my bum go, "Oh hey!"

Sounds like a good enough reason to us!

Lucy Mecklenburgh is the official ambassador for Sunkissed. Limited edition Sunkissed By Lucy gift sets launching September at sunkissedbronzing.co.uk (prices range from £5 - £15).

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