Dec 07, 12:23
Geordie Shore's Chloe Ferry explains her "kick offs" over Marty McKenna during series 13
Dec 05, 16:52
Geordie Shore: Gaz Beadle reveals he wants to be with Charlotte Crosby, but Holly Hagan think it's "too late"
Nov 25, 12:46
Geordie Shore: Chloe Ferry and Marty McKenna have sex BEFORE falling out again
Nov 25, 11:37
Geordie Shore: Aaron Chalmers cracks his knee and ends up in hospital... explaining the ambulance!
Nov 25, 09:57
Charlotte Crosby flashes her ink in photos to promote new MTV show Just Tattoo Of Us
Nov 23, 12:07
Chantelle Connelly admits she DIDN'T watch her Geordie Shore exit and slams co-stars
Nov 22, 12:38
Charlotte Crosby's ex Samuel Bentham films for new series of Geordie Shore?
Nov 22, 10:52
Geordie Shore newcomer Zahida Allen will 'also appear on Ex On The Beach's new series'
Nov 22, 10:17
Lewis Bloor "can't wait" to see Marnie Simpson after speaking to her during Geordie Shore filming
Nov 22, 00:01
Geordie Shore: Aaron Chalmers RETURNS and rekindles relationship with Marnie Simpson
Nov 21, 14:27
Geordie Shore star Sophie Kasaei loses a stone in weight after filming for series 13
Nov 21, 10:39
Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie react to claims Geordie Shore cast 'were heckled' during filming
Nov 18, 16:44
Gaz Beadle addresses Geordie Shore rumours: "Nobody is replacing anyone"
Nov 18, 12:41
Geordie Shore: Here's what happened when Chantelle Connelly QUIT the show
Nov 18, 09:36
Geordie Shore star Scotty T denies rumours he is leaving the show
Nov 17, 10:53
Chloe Ferry 'to return to Geordie Shore filming' after clashing with newcomer Zahida Allen
Nov 16, 12:54
Geordie Shore: Sophie Kasaei quizzes Chantelle Connelly over Gaz Beadle clash, before lashing out at him
Nov 16, 12:16
Geordie Shore: Chloe Ferry accuses Holly Hagan of flirting with Marty McKenna
Nov 16, 12:07
Geordie Shore: Marnie Simpson breaks down over Aaron Chalmers' exit: "I hate him so much"
Nov 16, 08:30
Sophie Kasaei had 'nothing to do with' Chloe Ferry row and 'hasn't been axed' from Geordie Shore
Nov 15, 16:09
Sophie Kasaei has been 'axed from Geordie Shore filming' as well as Chloe Ferry
Nov 15, 10:43
Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry 'sent home' from filming after clashing with new girl
Nov 15, 09:06
Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan 'confirms she has left the show' by hitting out at new girls?
Nov 14, 12:39
Geordie Shore star Chantelle Connelly unveils HUGE new leg tattoo
Nov 14, 12:05
THREE new girls join Geordie Shore including Marty McKenna's ex Sarah Goodhart?
Nov 14, 11:08
Holly Hagan gets cryptic over Geordie Shore: "RIP to the Gshore we once knew..."
Nov 11, 13:57
Chloe Ferry's confession: "I don't watch reality TV... including Geordie Shore!"
Nov 11, 11:29
Lewis Bloor addresses Marnie Simpson filming for Geordie Shore: "I trust her with all my life"
Nov 11, 10:01
Geordie Shore: Scotty T LEAVES the series after damaging his hand in Kavos
Nov 11, 09:34
Geordie Shore: Chloe Ferry hits Gaz Beadle while rowing with Marty McKenna
Nov 10, 18:01
Sophie Kasaei returns to Geordie Shore and LASHES OUT at Gaz Beadle: "I hate Gary"
Nov 10, 16:55
Geordie Shore's Chloe Ferry insists Lewis Bloor "isn't bothered" by Marnie Simpson kissing her
Nov 10, 13:34
Geordie Shore's Chloe Ferry reveals TRUTH behind claims Jaden Smith mistook her for Kylie Jenner
Nov 09, 12:31
Geordie Shore's James Tindale criticises Marnie Simpson over keeping bisexuality a secret from Aaron Chalmers
Nov 09, 12:06
Geordie Shore: Marty McKenna rules out romance with Chloe Ferry: "Nothing is going to happen with us again"
Nov 09, 11:42
Geordie Shore: Holly Hagan tells Scotty T she will "never EVER" hook up with him again
Nov 09, 11:20
Geordie Shore's Aaron Chalmers and Marnie Simpson agree their relationship is "the worst they have ever been in"
Nov 09, 10:22
Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson 'signs for series two of In Therapy'
Nov 09, 09:52
Geordie Shore's Gaz Beadle on meeting Charlotte Crosby at EMAs: "It all went fine"
Nov 08, 12:52
Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson shares throwback photo with cousin Sophie Kasaei from when they were little