Report Every Rape: 'I was raped in my own house'

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Hannah*, 27, was followed home after a night out, then attacked in the place she should have felt safest…

"Your home is the one place you feel safe. At night you lock the doors and believe that all the evil and trouble in the world is outside.

But all that changed for me in February 2013, when I was raped by a stranger in my own home. It turned my life upside down and I've never been the same since.

I'd arranged for Mum and Dad to babysit my five-year-old, so I could go out to celebrate a friend's birthday. It was the first time I'd been clubbing in ages and I couldn't wait.

Hannah*, raped in my own home

© Angela Nott

Hannah* was followed home after a night out

We had a fab night, dancing and downing cocktails. But by 2am, I was shattered. My friends wanted to keep partying, so I caught the night bus home alone.

On the bus a man sat next to me. He started chatting, trying to be friendly.

After 45 minutes, I arrived at my stop. The man followed me off the bus and was offering to walk me home.

'No, I'm fine,' I told him but he carried on walking alongside me. Feeling uncomfortable, I stopped at a petrol station, hoping to shake him off. But he even followed me in there.

Turning onto my road, I thought I'd lost him and I hurried towards my front door. But as I turned the key, he was suddenly next to me, pushing me inside. Slamming the door shut behind us, he threw me to the floor.

I screamed at him to get out but before I could stop him, he was on me, pinning me down and tearing at my clothes.

I kicked and screamed but as I struggled, he banged my head against the wall and pressed down on my throat, leaving me struggling to breathe.

Then he raped me.

'Thank you,' he said afterwards, before grabbing my mobile and running off.

Hannah*, raped in my own house

© Angela Nott

Ehouni was sentenced to 15 years in prison

The attack had left my clothes in tatters. Shaking, I scrambled around for some new ones, then ran to the garage for help.

As the cashier called the police, I broke down sobbing. None of it felt real as the police arrived and took me to the station. They photographed my injuries – two black eyes and scratches and bruises on my neck and arms – and questioned me in detail.

Within a week, the police had caught my vile rapist, identifying him from CCTV at the garage and along the street. They'd also matched his DNA to the semen taken from me.

But, despite the evidence, Frederick Anderson Ehouni, then 39, pleaded not guilty and the case was taken to trial.

In August 2013, I went to Woolwich Crown Court and, shaking with nerves, gave evidence from behind a screen.

Finally, Ehouni was found guilty of rape and the theft of my phone. I returned to court a month later to see him sentenced to 15 years in prison and deportation back to Ivory Coast once he served his time. I had justice.

One year on, although I suffer from panic attacks and flashbacks, I'm gradually piecing my life back together. But I'm glad I found the courage to report what happened.

The police have told me there may be further victims of his. If there are, I hope that by telling my story, they may be encouraged to come forward.

At least now he's where he belongs. Behind bars."

By Fiona Locke


We are calling on the Government to provide more funding for special support workers for rape victims.
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Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVAs) are critical in providing support and knowledge to any victim who has chosen to report their attacker and may then face the harrowing ordeal of a trial and cross-examination in the witness box.

There are currently only 180 ISVAs and they are greatly overstretched.

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